Map of the Empire:

Empire map

Map of Izla Meria:

(Surface area of roughly 2000km².)

Map of Izla Meria

Princess Celyz:

(Using a lightning construct, made by Zenarion.)


Jessica, Lance, and Celyz:

(Made by Lion, shared on discord. Slightly NSFW.)

E.Vil’s Hammer:

(Crafted by the Silver Hive.)

Hammer E.Vil

E.Vil’s Long Scimitar:

(Reforged from the hammer by a master blacksmith in Meiridin.)

Long-scimitar E.Vil

E.Vil’s Liangi:

(First one taken from the institute, which stole it from a Lisilese, gifted to the Rykz who forged a second one out of Vuskyt with flexible Lassus steel blades in return.)


(Best I could do with my art skills.)

Common knowledge across the world of Flow:

– Women and Men have similar muscular mass, but different body compositions. Women have a higher proportion of type 1 muscles (sustained strength). Men have a higher proportion of type 2 muscles (explosive strength). Around one-third ratio difference.

– The Templar Order does not collect flow dues that are anchored to a knot of hair, they let those pass all the way to the main Temple in Kruzser, the Empire’s Capital.

– The river separating the Empire from the Lisilese grasslands is easy to cross during the early spring as it is at its lowest.

– Caeviel is the youngest Kingdom and the least developped.

(Spoiler warning for the comments below. Proceed with caution!)

5 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Is the Rykz volcano supposed to be the southern high point ? or is it too small to show on map ? I somehow feel it would be unfitting to be the middle or upper ones… too much on centre and near the capital/port


    1. It’s the middle two peaks that form the valley. My map isn’t the best^^. The valley was almost completely isolated before the Rykz even got installed and began to make it even harder to access. To climb up that volcano you would need to weave back and forth a lot, there is the forest to account for. It would likely take about as long to climb the volcano without using the Rykz tunnels than it would take to reach the other side of the Izla by horseback.
      Map definitely needs work, but I thought something was better than nothing.^^


      1. Aaaah… now I understand it… as long to climb without the Rykz as it would take to reach the other side by horse… Isn’t Lady Lance screwed then ? Her mother thought she was scouting the other side… unless the pommel is a gps… Best case scenario would be she gets to the other side, speak with the noble (Buton was it ?) go through the tunnel, and reach the Rykz capital when most soldiers are attacking (in 1~2 weeks supposedly)… worst case scenario she can’t go trough the collapsed part of the tunnel and the capital s attacked by the Rykz with one less powerfull combatant… I like how I can’t really foresee what is supposed to happen but can take quite a few guesses with the information provided… makes it a lot more engaging than to just accept what happens when it happens.


      2. Realistically, a horse can travel 30km to 50km a day (A well trained horse can be pushed up to 100km a day.), without counting on flow. Added Izla scale in km².


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