Welcome! Flow is a web serial written by Kay.L, the story will be updated with a new chapter every day, except on Sunday. Patreons have early access to a number of chapters. Click here to begin reading right away. Do not read if you are not of age (Legally adult.) in your country!

— — —

Synopsis: Jessica is a young peasant who has worked in her family’s fields for her entire life. Recent events have increased the burden resting on her family’s shoulders, but she retains her free and unbridled personality. That day, however, her path crosses with circumstances beyond the control of most beings. Will the trials she faces grind her down, or will she emerge out of the whirlwind stronger than ever?

— — —

Full disclaimer, I will use swear words and graphic descriptions if I estimate that doing so will be beneficial to what I aim to achieve with the story. As I am a unique being, it may occur that my view of what is beneficial diverges with that of other beings with similar degrees of uniqueness. I thus apologize in advance for the mental scars you may pick up while reading this story.

— — —

First, I want to ask you to give the story a try, to hang on to it until you’ve made up your mind. I warn you that it isn’t perfect, that it will never be because I am not trying to reach for perfection. I am attempting something different by trying to stick to a realistic depiction of the world I create, as much these irrational characters will let me.

Second, web serials are to published stories what artisanal beers are to commercial beers. The quality of each of these things can vary wildly, as does the taste, but you don’t pick up an artisanal beer expecting to drink something bland.

You pick up a web serial expecting to watch something unique grow, to experience something new, to read a story that didn’t go through five checklists to make sure that it reaches the most general audience possible. I am trying to create an entertaining story without filters, a realistic piece of fantasy.

Third, with all of that being said, beer isn’t free and neither is writing this story. While I will keep investing most of my time in this work for as long as I can, if I cannot make a living out of this, then I will have to make the decision to stop.

I will finish the story as best as I can, but I don’t want anyone to be surprised because it wouldn’t be fair to you.

If you regularly read this serial and feel like it should continue, then know that this can only work on the honor system, by supporting what you choose to consume.

You’re welcome to leave any feedback. I’m not very susceptible, but please stay civilized about it: no more than three swear words per comment!

— — —

A few numbers :

It takes me about six to eight hours of writing to create a chapter of around three thousand three hundred words. Added to that are thirty minutes to two hours of notes and planning for the story per chapter. Lastly, thirty minutes to an hour to check my grammar, post the chapter and do a bit of website management. TL;DR: 40-60 hours of writing every week.

— — —

Feel free to send me a message.





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