Welcome! Flow is a web serial written by Kay.L, the story will be updated with a new chapter every day, except on Sunday. Patreons have early access to a number of chapters. Click here to begin reading right away. Do not read if you are not of age (Legally adult.) in your country!

— — —

Synopsis: Jessica is a young peasant who has worked in her family’s fields for her entire life. Recent events have increased the burden resting on her family’s shoulders, but she retains her free and unbridled personality. That day, however, her path crosses with circumstances beyond the control of most beings. Will the trials she faces grind her down, or will she emerge out of the whirlwind stronger than ever?

— — —

Full disclaimer, I will use swear words and graphic descriptions if I estimate that doing so will be beneficial to what I aim to achieve with the story. As I am a unique being, it may occur that my view of what is beneficial diverges with that of other beings with similar degrees of uniqueness. I thus apologize in advance for the mental scars you may pick up while reading this story.

— — —

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