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I wake in a bed surrounded by soft warmth without feeling ill at ease, allowing me to conclude the hands firmly grasping my breast and intimacy are Leomi’s before I begin to panic.

I still grow a bit confused and search my memories only to recall that Liz took a nap instead of handling the responsibilities I left behind when I fainted in the Emperor’s Palace.

Sister, you lazy reckless little minx. I sigh, thinking of my own loss of control. Rasaec, that man is truly hard to read. He tolerated me so much with his status when he had many ways to control or hinder me considering what he figured out.

As I gather myself to rise, I can’t help but notice the weakness in my limbs. My mood drops as I light up a fire construct to illuminate the room, finding a normal inn’s décor. The chest containing the Little one is next to my liangi’s case and my gear rests atop of it as well with three empty sheaths.

There is a faint golden glow permeating the walls of the room, defenses and likely a kind of isolation since I can’t even hear the building creaking or crickets in the night.

I gently lift Leomi’s slender right hand from my breast and roll off her left arm to get out of bed. Pain arises from the wounds to my back and the harsh burn on my right thigh but it merely causes me to twitch as I’ve long grown accustomed to such agony.

My mind turns to the future within which I see trouble because of Tsek and Teva but also bloodshed long overdue that causes my lips to twist into a toothy smile. I wonder how you’ll taste Cenwalh, I can barely wait.

I peer into my reserve to find it full with barely forty portions. It matters little as I’ll soon have a small army to draw from which means my personal access is of negligible import.

I reach out to my reinforced hard leather armor with my flow, pulling it to me along with a set of black clothes which I fit on while absently considering how I’ll torment and lead those who answered my call.

Ah, I mustn’t be selfish!” I murmur the exclamation with a cruel smirk. “I have to reward my minions for their loyalty as I rise in the world.”

How thoughtful, yet I somehow doubt they’ll appreciate your gratitude.” Leomi speaks up, causing me to turn in surprise to find her in a coquettish pose with the blanket only covering her breasts and intimacy. “Yep, that look on your face alone would make them run away to the remotest corners of the Empire.”

You’re my fiancee, how could you say that?” I complain with a discontent frown.

“Make no mistake, I fully support you my love.” Lance replies unhurriedly. “But they’re still nominally my people.” She notes with an innocent air.

Hrm.” I grunt at her act. “What do you want?” I ask.

Ooh, a favor from the famous Jessica Freepath?” Leomi asks giddily as she perks up. “I can’t miss such an opportunity.”

Her movement coincidentally causes the blanket to slip which reveals her perfectly round and tiny breasts. My gaze can’t help but be drawn to her cute nipples.

Yea, sure.” I mumble dismissively at her mockery, taken by the dazzling sight.

“You agreed, no backsies!” She exclaims.

“What?” I ask, blinking.

I get a favor from you.” Leomi explains.

You tricked me!” I suddenly realize, tearing my gaze away from her perfection before she swindles any more out of me.

“Can’t believe it worked myself.” She admits without any shame while wearing a bright smile. “Come ‘ere, sit. If you want me to sell them out, then I get total ownership of you for a while.”

I squint, knowing that it’s probably not worth it but that it’s also too late. Then again, she already owns me so this favor is empty since she could have obtained it for free by merely asking for my time.

I set my leather armor down to walk over and sit on the bed, wondering what torments she’ll come up with as I turn my back only to feel her hands fall on my hair to start combing them with her lithe fingers.

Aww, come on.” I whine.

You’re a leader now, you can’t have messy hair.” She berates me as she shifts to sit against me with her legs on either side of mine. “What do you think of Rasaec’s refusal to make peace with the Rykz even after Idali’s appearance making the threat of more hybrids appearing tangible?” She gently asks.

How should I know.” I mutter, unwilling to broach this sensitive subject with her or even think too much of the war in the east.

“I own you, I get to pick your brain. Think.” Lance berates, switching tone in the blink of an eye.

…” I take a moment to seriously consider the matter from the perspective she took to ask about it. “I think he doesn’t take that threat seriously.”

I also think so, but why?” Leomi presses.

Hm, maybe he thinks the Rykz can’t produce many of them?” I venture.

Unlikely, if the Rykz are known for one thing, it’s their ability to produce drones.” Leomi denies.

“But hybrids aren’t drones, they’re…” I start.

“Cheaper to produce and more powerful, the only limitation is knowledge which is an obstacle that will only diminish as time passes.” Lance cuts me off, showing a surprisingly deep understanding despite her limited knowledge of the matter.

Why do you care?” I ask.

It’s relevant to your future.” Leomi murmurs as if to conceal the pain in her voice. “I couldn’t find any way to truly heal you and, as you were chased by the Order, I realized our only hope may lie in that parasite so I have to look to the future.” Her response causes me to feel a stifling burst of tenderness because I know how much she must hate admitting powerlessness.

There are many reasons as to why it would be impossible for the Rykz to make use of many hybrids, one of which is that they don’t want to research down this path.” I finally answer. “But, from the Emperor’s actions of pardoning Elizabeth Vil as a precaution for the appearance of other hybrids, it’s possible that Rasaec already made sure the Rykz could not produce more than a few.”

Because the more there are, the more difficult it is to control them?” Leomi asks. “No, not only.” She instantly answers herself. “It’s an issue of recruitment as well, where would they find candidates who know enough constructs to be truly useful against Nobles? It isn’t as if they can teach hybrids their own when the Emperor could infiltrate his agents within them or pardon some of these traitors to learn the secrets.”

Exactly.” I acquiesce. “The main threat hybrids pose is if they are sent to cause havoc within the Empire as spies or saboteurs, which Idali is a perfect representation of considering there are no external signs of what she is with her flow being golden and the parasite being buried in her flesh.”

So, the Emperor isn’t afraid. Makes sense, if he has to yield eventually, he may as well force the Rykz to invest the resources into this project which also gives him the chance to turn these agents into his service later. The more hybrids there are, the more of a safety concern they become for the Rykz themselves.” Lance says with a note of amazement in her tone.

You seem mollified on the subject.” I carefully probe.

Clack. A smarting itch arises from my right thigh after a merciless slap from my fiancee which is soon joined by an agonizing rush of intense pain as my burnt flesh is stimulated.

Fuck!” I swear as I grit my teeth. “What was that for?”

To make you forget any ideas of risking your life by implanting it again, you’ll die instantly with your current feeble health.” Leomi utters with a harsh tone. “The only thing is that… there is so little hope, how can I discard this one piece?” She murmurs with a somber tone.

I keep my silence, partly out of guilt as I know we’ve put her through a lot with our selfishness and recklessness but also out of love because I don’t want to worry her by telling her of my plan to withstand the re-implantation.

The risk is to my heart and I’ve learned how to keep my blood flowing, all I need is to remain conscious during the process and it isn’t too difficult to accomplish with the cool substance’s euphoric effect.

I’ve understood why Mother didn’t rely on me in the end.” Lance murmurs. “She granted me the greatest gift of her trust by leaving it up to me to choose my own path, learning from her past mistake.”

Hm.” I acknowledge silently, feeling her words to be true.

Leomi silently finishes braiding my hair and suddenly leans on me with her breasts, causing a shiver-inducing sensation that spreads throughout my back while her arms close around my waist to pull me tightly in her grasp.

This embrace filled with emotional intimacy causes me to freeze for a moment before I fully relax my muscles to be held, knowing that this act grants Leomi more comfort than if I were to hug her.

My heart pangs in a good but raw and painful way, as if my flesh has grown hypersensitive to emotion and wary of being hurt. We might’ve rebuilt strong trust between us yet our past will never be forgotten and so I will ever be fearful of the hurt she’s caused me after I fully opened my heart to welcome her.

Yet my lips stir and rise, revealing two canines as my grinning smirk takes shape. This feeling of teetering on the edge of a precipice separating bottomless suffering from perpetual bliss is exactly what I seek to feel alive. In this instant, I wish for naught more than to be one with her.

Of the two hands crossed on my stomach’s muscles, her left climbs under my tunic to grasp my lonely breast while her right slips within my pants and underwear to seize my sex without restraint.

I allow my head to fall back to rest on her shoulder and blush in shame because I do this exclusively to allow her to see my expressions as she conquers me, because I enjoy the torments she inflicts on me and the revenges it allows us to take.

Her fingers soon start moving, one set pinching and rolling my nipple while squeezing during the time her other fingers explore my sticky wet folds with a light touch, using gentle caresses to slowly induce a burning desire to be conquered in me.

Leomi gently parts my dewy petals and touches upon my flower’s opening, succeeding in making me pant with this slight touch yet she doesn’t take me but slowly rounds the gates of my deepest intimacy as I begin lusting to be ravaged.

I begin hating her for holding me in such suspense yet my love isn’t so weak that a touch of enmity could change anything and so I do not contest her dominion over me as she tease me.

It quickly becomes evident that this is another of her techniques, along with spanking my sex, to toy with me while also demonstrating utmost care as she pokes and prods but never so much my heart-rate climbs to dangerous levels.

Lance squeezes my breast with dominating strength yet there is such tenderness to the way her palm brushes against my erect nipple that a soft scream of joy almost escapes me.

I grow dizzy from the contradictory feelings she evokes in me as she continues teasing me without ever granting me any release, making me experience ephemeral instants of electrifying torturing pleasure that ends as soon as it begins.

The torment ends after an unknown amount of time has passed. I merely awaken at the realization that I’m being held without being teased. My love touches me no more and says naught.

The fact I’m feeling blissful makes any words redundant. Her meaning and emotions are clear in leaving me quivering, pulsing, and drenched with unfulfilled desire.

Doing this to me makes her feel good, like a woman, like a conqueror, and granting this to her is my pleasure. Speech would only taint this wonderful moment in which I do not know whether I am insane or illuminated. Celyz is great for me, but Lance is truly the one who understands us the best.

After resting a while to have my heartbeat return to a normal pace, I set my shuddering hand on my knee and push to rise with trembling legs. I use my flow to fit my reinforced hard leather armor on and turn back to my kitten.

The fact she didn’t bring me to a climax vexes me deeply but it almost makes me happy in the end, this was par for the course from the very beginning. Leomi Lance has, at last, regained her confidence after everything we went through and such is her personality.

Don’t do anything reckless.” She whispers, clearly intending to go back to bed.

I’ll do as I please.” I rebuke with a corner smile.

…” Leomi blinks and then nods with the slightest of frowns. “Have fun.” She replies.

With that said Lance rolls over and dives back into her blanket, presenting her back and pure white hair to me which makes me smirk as I sense she can only barely control herself. I let a discreet chuckle escape me as I make my way to the border of the bed.

I set a knee on the mattress, causing her to tremble under the cover. She’s always at her weakest in these moments but I don’t plan to take advantage, merely to have some fun as she told me to. I lean down and kiss the smooth nape her neck, causing her to shudder.

I retreat and directly exit the room. I go through the silent hallway, passing by the closed doors, until I find the staircase and go down in the main room. There are a dozen people sleeping on mats near the chimney so I step lightly as I leave the inn.

The town is naturally almost empty as it is the middle of the night but I still spot a few Hospitalier officers as I wander who are strolling with unsteady gaits. From this I infer that the army camps are outside the town and that only officers can come inside.

I could make my way out of the town but the sun isn’t close to coming up so it would take a while to find what I’m looking for, not to mention it would be tiresome. I thus decide to delay my plans until morning and fly to a random rooftop to settle there.

I work on modifying the sight enhancing construct according to Suxen’s treaty to include bioelectric detection and achieve some progress with it yet find myself somewhat stuck with a clunky construct that can’t be quickly assembled.

Since I reached my limit in this, I then begin working on vibrations as a kinetic concept which I haven’t done yet. I’ve come close by making feedback loops of kinetic force but it isn’t the same thing as that was a continuous discharge whereas vibrations are in constant flux.

I apply two layers of flow to my palm, one protective and one experimental, and solidify my intent before gently slapping the roof. Brrk. The tile my hand lands on vibrates for a short moment and becomes blurry before bursting into a cloud of red powder.

Kh, kh.” I cough.

I blink in amazement at my success. This application of kinetic force is incredibly simple, I merely caused an initial pulse which was then controlled by a short feedback loop with alternating directions but it resulted in an incredibly destructive effect.

Steel armors would likely only be bent out of shape by this construct, possibly torn, but from what I saw it will be most useful to deal with hard materials such as stone or dried wood, perhaps even tempered steel wouldn’t resist this.

What’s more is that the energy consumption is relatively low because of the feedback loop, which also explains why no one has made such a construct yet since they would need to burn energy for each of the vibration’s pulses which would add up very quickly.

I shelve my experiments at this point, after having burned ten portions, and head towards the town’s southern exit. The guards at the gates don’t notice me approaching so I make a bit of noise as I draw near.

Halt, who goes there?” A woman asks from atop the small wall.

Jessica Freepath, seeking the army encampments.” I tell her.

Uh, the Hospitaliers are camped right outside but your people are still gathered in the east.” She replies. “… Dame.” She adds as if an afterthought, or a way to cover her ass.

Alright.” I acknowledge.

I slowly make my way to the eastern gate and make it through the guard’s few questions without issue by the time the sun’s halo rises on the horizon. As the gates open for me, I gaze out and the sight stuns me.

Hundreds upon hundreds of people gathered to sleep under the stars with hundreds more tents spread out without order throughout the plain. There are flames burning throughout but most campfires have turned to embers.

Most surprising are the carriages and horses some brought. I begin tallying the number of people who answered my call on such short notice, each tent counting as one, but reach a vague estimation of a thousand so quickly that I give up.

What the actual fuck? It should have taken days for so many to show up, if that many do at all.” I mutter.

“You’re quite popular now, Dame Freepath.” The guard timidly responds.

I enhance my eyesight and soon notice that very few brought weapons with them, which was expected, but the fact that there aren’t many farming tools either is a bit of an issue but also one I foresaw since they would be traveling far and expecting to be given something to fight with.

No time like the present.” I mumble as I take another step towards the destiny I’ve long begun to forge.

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