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Feeling like my heart is soaring inside my chest, I cannot help but keep alternating my gaze from the ring to Leomi Lance. Her eyes and hands are similarly occupied by the ring I gave her as she marvels at the intricacies within it and how the chains brush against her hand with every movement.

My love for you will endure beyond the last beat of my heart.” I swear as my oath towards her.

My love for you will persist beyond the breaking of my heart.” She vows.

Chiiiiirp!” The jay happily cries out.

We look up to the sky, finding the golden bird nosediving at us in a spiral. Our eyes cross and we both erupt in joyful laughter as we throw ourselves to hug the other once more as the jay lands on my umbrella.

My wife-to-be.” Leomi murmurs with an emotional voice that releases her tension.

“My fiancee.” I whisper in return.

We made it past so many trials to unite, a number of which were created by our own hands but surmounted just as well. I feel dazed by our relationship having finally reached this milestone, at our relationship as a couple to become official at last.

Leomi lightly pressures my shoulder so as to gently push me away. As I do with curiosity, she holds her hand out to me. The corners of my lips push out to show an even wider grin at the gesture because she could have very well chosen to carry me.

This conscious decision of hers amazes me because it goes against her instincts as well as desires. Her choice to treat me as an equal is born of her rationality, a first step to take together so as to set the tone of our eventual marriage.

I’ve reached beyond my wildest dreams to make her mine and become hers so it is only right and suiting of Lance to seize the hand I’ve extended to stabilize us as a couple.

I take hold of her wrist and she takes hold of mine. I lose myself in the dark abyss contained by her light gray irises, faintly aware that she is losing herself in my more ordinary brown, with a touch of green, eyes.

I expect to be brought to bed now, my love.” I shyly express, giving audible voice to the romantic dreams I had as a young girl.

Yes, my love.” Leomi gallantly replies with a vibrant voice and in the tone of a true Dame.

My request is both the realization of my hopes from when I was human as well as practicality because I want this moment to be perfect and carrying her simply isn’t something I can achieve with light effort.

Leomi smiles and slowly releases my wrist. Her fingertips trail along the inside of my palm, down until she passionately makes them snap against mine and sweeps me off my feet so quickly my head spins.

She holds my left flank against her chest. As my sight regains clarity, her sharp cheekbones and strong jaw appear. I relish this vision of Lance. I don’t look away as she carries me home inside the cottage, upstairs, and then inside our bedroom.

The golden jay hops off as we cross the door-frame, causing my umbrella to fall to the floor. I witness its silver silhouette land on the handle, facing Leomi’s back and my side with its wing up in a salute. It would have made me smile if I weren’t already.

Leomi’s forearms tense, giving me a singular warning before I find myself flying in the air above the large bed. The world slows down as her hands leave my body. I reflexively swing my arm around to catch her strict dress’ collar and grip it.

Flow courses through my body to reinforce it, following my instinct more than my will or intent. I leverage her in mid-air and propel her at the mattress beneath me. Her face slides through my field of vision.

Lance’s sharp traits are distended, her lips risen so high her white teeth and canines are all within view. Her body doesn’t tense in the least as she flies and lands on her back. I arrive atop of her a split-second later and find myself enclosed in her loving arms.

We seek each other’s lips and fail not in the endeavor. My tongue meets hers to intertwine to the point they meld together and I can no longer tell whose is whose because the incomprehensible soft wet sensation of her mouth is too good to describe.

Good is the only word that fits. It is as if this kiss is the culmination of my very existence. I feel at home, safe. I do not know how long the kiss lasts, all that I am aware of is that I am expressing my love and receiving hers.

We soon find each other’s dresses to be an obstacle and start shedding them. Our three hands move in concert, making it impossible to tell who pulls what off. Our bodies twirl and roll on the mattress.

Toes push shoes off, hook socks, and slide socks down. Two dresses slide off either side of the bed. We find ourselves side by side in underwear. My exposed skin brushes against hers, causing my body to heat up to a burning temperature that the mellow satin covers accentuate.

I reach out and unclasp the hooks of her bra so as to release her tiny round breasts. She pushes her nose down at the nape of my neck, encouraging me while she uses her hands to undo the buttons at the back of my bra.

It will take her quite a while longer to remove mine because it’s style is orthodox but neither of us can brook any pause. I reach out to her firm left breast and give it a nest inside my palm, relishing the sensation of her poking nipple.

Uhhm.” Leomi exhales lightly in budding pleasure.

My mind goes numb at her reaction. I nudge her right breast with my chin so as to guide her other erect nipple to my mouth. I lick it with the tip of my tongue to make it roll more easily between my lips.

Ihmr.” She makes a discreet pleading and demanding sound.

I suck it in, giving her what she wishes. Leomi pressures the pit of my neck with her nose in a show of appreciation. I gently massage her chest with my hand, chin, and cheekbones while I please her with my mouth.

My bra is taken off a moment later, exposing my wiggly breast. Her left hand finds and seizes it with a robust grip. The cold chains linking her engagement ring to her bracelet slide along my flesh. Adrenaline rushes, making me lightheaded.

Mhhhmh!” I moan from the depths of my throat.

While hers are firm and very slightly bouncy, mine is more expansive. As such, she cannot fully encompass it within her palm which means she has to use her lithe fingers to manage it.

Lance handles this most sensible part of me with cautious attention, with precise caresses to my mound and hefty flicking to my nipple, all of which contribute to turning me euphoric, to lose control and nibble her nipple out of sheer desperation.

Irhm.” Leomi whines.

Her right hand finds my buttocks. She simultaneously grasps my ass and breast, clearly no longer able to tease me. I use my lips and tongue to spur the delicate bit of flesh I’ve captured while making her other one roll between my fingers.

Jess, Liz…” She feebly utters while trembling.

I blink and slow down, realizing that this becoming more than foreplay for her. Lance blows hot air on my shoulder as she tries to catch her breath. As she does, I make her feel secure by holding her left breast in my palm and her right nipple in my mouth.

Yet, so as not to let her cool down, I also set my right leg between hers and press on her sex with my upper thigh. I can feel that the bottom and front of her panties are moist.

I apply pressure by tightening my muscles, relieving that which Lance was put under by my stimulation of her small chest because what arouses her the most are tender, gentle, gestures and touches.

She lifts and suddenly lowers my breast, causing it to jiggle and me to chuckle. Not for long as she seizes it back with an even harsher strength. The pain, the pleasure, caused by her confident grasp meld into a shivering euphoria.

Being touched like this makes me feel alive, it makes me feel like a woman, like a female that does not have to be cuddled but handled confidently without holding back even if it means going too far at times because these hurtful sensations make the experience even more real.

I slowly massage her as she sets my nerves of fire by her singular grasp on my buttocks and chest. Her thigh soon pushes itself in the same position I put mine but with less strength so as to leave me wanting.

So as not to bring me too close by using the same amount of pressure I’m applying on her. We’re so very different, yet there is a symmetry to our wants and desires that makes us similar, compatible.

She pushes her waist against mine to tease my delicate flesh while also caressing herself. As I was about to lose myself, as my wants grow beyond foreplay, Leomi slows down so as to ensure neither loses control.

She thus shows how aptly attuned she is to my body. More so than I am, but I am defter so as to the subtleties of her personality than she is to mine which means it is the easiest task in the world for me to read her desire to be taken first.

Hmh.” I exhale a hot breath against her nipple while making a negative sound.

Ihmhth!” She protests with a hint of bliss in her tone.

Use your words if you want to convince me, my love.” I reply with a gentle voice.

Me first, so that you experience no doubt.” Leomi declares while short on air, her thin lips brush on the nape of my neck and make me wish for no more to be immediately taken contrary to what she is expressing.

Doubt is part of being complete with you.” I tell her. “I accept you completely.”

I’m fully aware that I would experience almost crippling fear if she were to toy with me by delaying my taking of her virginity after she takes mine, which she very much would do if the circumstances arise but apparently wishes not for my sake, which is why I reassure her.

Leomi’s lips stretch in a cold smile that sends marvelous shivers down my spine at what is to come. She squeezes my breast and pushes it while holding back very little.

I relish this agonizing pleasure but it also prevents me from resisting as she rolls me on my back and pins my wrist above my head while her knees capture the leg I placed between her thighs that I could have retaliated with otherwise.

I will be first so that I can focus on you entirely, so that I can feel superior, so that I can rise to the top of the world, so that I can then elevate you above all that is.” Lance utters with a deathly serious expression that quite clashes with her small pointing nipples.

I don’t reply but allow my defying amusement to show on my face, causing her corner grin to turn aggressive as she exposes her sharp canine. Her head suddenly snaps to the door.

Look away, jay, you’re too young!” She berates the unstructured ‘living’ flow.

I catch the silver silhouette startle and close its single wing’s expanded feathers which allowed it to discreetly peek at us. Lance turns her attention back to me, the jay immediately opens its plumes.

I briefly link to it to send it a conceptual approving wink at its curiosity that causes the jay to push out its chest in outrage as if claiming it is merely ensuring our safety.

Yet, it amusingly does not close its feathers and keeps watching. I feel a pang of affection at its self-delusion, that definitely reflects Leomi and my tendencies. Lance doesn’t give me any more time, she leans in and captures my nipple with her teeth.

She closes her jaw and nips it back, stretching my breast to the point where I have to arc my body up to follow. Leomi takes advantage to pass an arm behind my risen back and hold me in that bridge position.

Urhgrh.” I groan in pain but then she releases the pressure and begins sucking my erect nipple. “Ihn!” I gasp loudly.

I reach out to the laces of her panties and begin hurriedly undoing the noose, unable to fight any longer against my crushing desire to take her virginity, to bless her with my tongue and fingers so that she may experience the blissful love she grants me with her harsh and tender attentions.

Knowing herself successful in convincing me, Leomi spins our bodies to reverse our positions. I push my womanhood against her stomach as I unfasten the laces holding her panties to tell her to do the same.

I’m not taking those off now, I don’t think I could resist eating you whole if I did.” Leomi whispers, causing me to blush in elation at the power I have over her.

Then, as if to punctuate her inability to do so, she rises up on the mattress and pushes me away to the point where I slide off the bed and she sits upon it as a chair.

As I find myself kneeling on the floor in front of her closed legs, it doesn’t take me any time to understand what must be done. I reach out to her untied panties with the open triangular section revealing the flesh immediately above her virgin sex.

I lean in to seize the left side of her underwear between my teeth while my fingers take hold of the other end to slowly, very slowly, make her damp laced gray panties slide down to her ankles.

Lance raises one slender foot after the other to remove it while keeping her legs closed. She places the tips of her fingers on the top of her knees and stares down at me with parted lips.

Leomi Lance, my fiancee.” I declare.

Jessica Elizabeth Vil Freepath, my wife-to-be.” She reciprocates.

She is fully naked with my crest tattoo visible on the right of her womanhood, most of it is concealed by her closed thighs but that fact contradictorily makes my heart beat faster.

She splits her arms and legs in one smooth gesture, revealing her delicate flower and its small sensitive petals upon which is a pale cloudy dew that exposes the height that her excitement reached.

Leomi Lance opens her thighs to their full extent without shame but with red blushing cheeks that enhance the majestic posture and attitude she has chosen to offer herself to me.

I find myself enjoying her attitude, this dimension to our relationship because it mocks morals while excitedly breaching them, it is a game we play yet not, serious yet humorous. It proves how little and how much we have changed.

Take me, my love.” She utters with a prideful voice.

“Yes, my love.” I reply with just as much pride.

I reach out and take hold of her right breast with my hand while nudging her left with my forearm so as to give her pleasure while I use my tongue to both satisfy my intense desire to lick her as well as prepare her for penetration.

I open my lips and kiss her womanhood as if it were her mouth. I run my tongue from the bottom to the top of her slit to split her petals, to mix my saliva with the whitish lubricating dew.

Her sourish lemony metallic taste fills my entire mouth and it dazzles my senses for a moment until I realize how tender her sex feels, softer than even her lips or breasts, comparable to an impossibly ripe peach.

I glomp down on her like a starving woman to enjoy this fruit. Lance’s hands land on my head to grasp it with fingers that can’t seem to decide if they want to grip or extend as if reflecting the tormenting pleasure she must be experiencing under my twirling tongue.

Iiiuuuhhh!” She lets out a loud whine.

I run my fingers down the chiseled muscles of her stomach. I reach her bud and stimulate it with my thumb while I devour her. It quickly swells and Leomi closes her legs around me, no longer able to hold them open.

I find the edge of the opening I seek and prepare to breach the thin flesh barrier by licking it as Jess repeats in my head that I must be slow later because Mother said it would lessen the pain.

Liz herself agrees that we must make the experience as blissful as possible for Lance. Warm dew gushes from her folds, causing a trifecta of droplets to escape me and trickle down my chin.

Do it, take me my loves!” Lance erupts at Jess and Liz.

Incredibly, she seems unable to hold on any longer. I exchange places between my hand and mouth. I enclose her bud within my lips, it feels like a hard round pulsing button, and tease it with the tip of my tongue while my fingers rest on the curve of her buttocks and I pressure Lance’s virginity with my thumb.

I push it in with a powerful thrust, brooking no delay so as not to leave her in suspense, so that her pain will fade sooner after the first inevitable sharp penetration. The finger encounters slight resistance but it gives away immediately. I enter her. Lance shudders.

Yes!” Leomi screams in defiant exultation.

My burning love for her billows inside my chest at the sheer satisfaction she expresses with this single word. I slowly drive myself inside her sex but stop at the first phalanx because she’s narrow.

I swiftly switch to my index and this time am able to slowly penetrate her with the entire length. I let go of her bud for a brief moment to glimpse up and catch sight of what expression lies on her sharp traits.

Lance’s face is tense but not from reluctance, not in the least. Her light gray eyes find mine to silently communicate that she is resisting the hurt. I can tell she’s fighting a slackening originating from her bliss at my taking and filling her most intimate place.

Even in this state, she wishes to maintain the figure of the gorgeous woman I fell in love with. I love this in her. I slowly pull my index out of her. My movement causes a corner of her face, under her right eye, to clench from pain.

Uhrm.” She can’t help but moan.

I don’t stop and penetrate her anew, keeping my motions slow and steady so that her body may get used to it. I soon break eye contact and turn back down to use my tongue to clean the red trickle coming out of the base of her slit while using my thumb to stimulate her clitoris.

Her blood reinforces the metallic taste and turns it even more iron-like while not doing much for her sour lemony flavor that I enjoy so much. Lance soon begins to tremble and spasm, revealing that she’s reaching an apex.

More.” She demands.

As she feels much too narrow to accommodate other fingers, I take it to mean she wishes me to go faster and deeper. I switch to my major finger and tenderly push it inside of her.

Uhiiihm.” She whines in pleasure.

Her walls twitch around my finger, pulling it deeper and pushing it to the sides. I listen to what her body’s asking for and use my fingertip to massage her from within, running it along her flesh.

As I make love to her, her flower becomes more accustomed and dilates enough that I can add my index in by pushing a bit. It slides in without a problem. I feel her arc backward by the movements of her legs and hear her make a tiny yelping sound.

I keep pleasing her with my two fingers, extending one when I clench the other while following the tiny cues her sex gives me but also stroking her where I haven’t before so as to set every bit of her on fire.

My lips and chin very quickly end up wet from her sticky fluids resulting from my toying with her. She shakes and pulses from ecstasy. The marvelous sensation of her tender and delicate petals, the flower shivering in my mouth from my thrusts make me wish to express how much I love her.

I do so by growing more and more delicate as she experiences wave after wave of rapture, extending her orgasm as much as possible. Lance tells me when she reaches the peak of what she can withstand by seizing the back of my head with her slender fingers and pulling my mouth in while pushing out with her waist.

I thrust my linked index and major, myself, as deep inside of Lance as I can to finish her off, causing a tremor to quake her body. She leans so far forward that she tips me backward from my knees and we fall together, causing my fingers to slip out of her slit.

Iihmrrhaaaiiih!” Leomi screams inarticulately as she drops from the bed.

Her delectation is so evident, so brusque, that I experience a rapture of my own as hearing and feeling her experience it. My back doesn’t hit the floor hard because I was already kneeling while she lands perfectly with her thighs to either side of my face.

Leomi must have calculated it because she protects my skull from hitting the ground in spite of her state. She immediately lowers herself to my mouth, causing my lips to meet hers once again after a brief separation.

I immediately seek out her bud and use my tongue and lips to keep her going, resolved not to stop for as long as she’s still experiencing felicity. I bring my hand back around and penetrate her with my thumb while also teasing her anus with my major, pushing only the tip in.

Ihm uh, ihm uh!” She softly moans.

With this, Lance’s body loses all tension. Her buttocks drop on my upper chest and her body arcs back. Her arms hang on either side of her torso. I lean in and glomp down on her sex again so as to gently bring her down from the experience.

But, mostly, because Leomi is delicious and I’ve wanted to do this to her since before I even knew of this. The position we’re in, Leomi sitting atop of me, has felt perfect from the start because we couldn’t be any closer or in sync and I don’t wish to end it before she’s completely done.

I kiss her tender, delicate, petals with my lips and push my tongue inside her. Leomi trembles and whines softly with a high-pitched voice. I wrap my arm around her back to pull myself further in.

Uhm, uhm, uhm!” She squeals, proof she could be brought to a new height.

I witness Leomi extend her arms high and wide through silver pulses while she pushes herself against me with renewed strength, her dew regains dawn for a brief moment before a huge shockwave hits her.

Uiiihhhhmmmhyesss!” Lance erupts at the ceiling.

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