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Cold fingers grip my spine as her words resound in my ears, as the hurt in her voice stabs me in the chest. Lance will never yield her possession of our heart. The outcome is worse than I thought, Leomi will never accept Celyz. You can cry, Jess. I don’t have the right, look at her.

We return to a singular entity and ignore the emotional wreck we’ve become to force us to witness the raw broken heart we exposed by bringing Celyz up. Leomi’s figure is completely still but her gaze pierces mine.

I reach out and hug her by the waist. Unsatisfied by the lacking embrace, I pull the two portions of my flow that weren’t consumed during my seizure and shape the air around us with the energy to more closely grasp her.

Leomi starts shaking and tears fall on my bare shoulders as her hands fall on my shoulder-blades to pull me closer. I find the experience of comforting her worse than being tortured, it feels almost as bad as nothing did. She should be fierce, always, strong and unshakable. I did this to her.

It took months but I bared myself to you, finally.” She whispers with a trembling voice. “I wish for you to do the same about your decision one way or another when you’re ready.

You’re asking me to make a choice?” I ask, uncertain of her meaning and unwilling to participate because I feel terrible.

Does it seem like I am?” Leomi returns with a harsh voice. “Let me make it clear, this was never a choice I brought to the table or had a right to make. This is you, Jessica, Elizabeth, all you.”

My lips twist at the rebuke, torn between expressing my joy at the glimpse of the hard personality I so admire and the grief she causes me by shoving in my face that the problem rose from me and can only be ended by me. Even my sore, and as such slightly itchy, anus isn’t much help.

Why won’t you hit me?” I ask guiltily, aware of my selfishness in bringing it up, and she already told me it wouldn’t solve the issue in any way.

How could I with this terror in my heart? I can’t bear the thought of losing you.” Leomi replies, her fragile voice returning in a flash.

Elizabeth and Jessica seamlessly melded minds think quickly. She’s in this state because of me, because I love another being, because I’ve hinted to the fact that I care none for human standards which means I may fall for another being, because she’s just witnessed how mortal I truly am.

Lance can no more be herself when doubting our future than I could whence I doubted her love as proof of my attempted suicide because neither Jessica nor Elizabeth would have ever considered it an option in their right minds.

Do you want to be reassured?” I ask her.

Want? I need it.” Leomi replies with a short sad scoff.

I love you.” I tell her.

Lance blinks in a small show of incomprehension so I repeat the words, causing her irises to widen in comprehension. I tell her a third time. She takes a step back as if I hit her but then flashes forward to take hold of my thighs, her slender fingers digging into my buttocks.

She lifts me up until our mouths are at the same level and advances until my back hits the wall. At that point, I wrap my legs around her waist and she presses her mouth against mine. Our lips part so that our tongues may meet to dance and twirl. Her movements exude desperation yet she breaks the kiss after a handful of seconds.

You’re all I need, why can’t I be all you need?” She whines.

I don’t reply. I reach around to hold the back of her neck and pull her head onto my chest. She nestles against my breast, breaking the droplets of water remaining in her eyes.

My life has hung on the edge since the moment that girl died by losing her arm. She had never experienced love, she had given up on it and that was her deepest regret. Perhaps that is why I can never be satisfied no matter how much I receive.” The words come out directly from my heart with little thought behind them.

My stomach feels sticky.” Leomi remarks, as if her mind couldn’t stand to spend a single moment processing my answer and immediately returned to the previous subject.

Because that’s my reaction to being in your proximity.” I reply softly while blushing at her blunt remark. “And because I’m about to reassure you.” I add.

My love, I will never be able to accept any other within your heart.” Lance declares stiffly but without any indication she’s going to refuse.

On the contrary, she sets me down and her hands start caressing specific areas of my body. She slides the back of her right hand’s nails along my right flank and runs the tip of her left thumb along the length of my spine to purposefully induce exciting shivers,.

“I’m aware.” I say with a hoarse voice because of the boulder in my throat. “But, I can make sure you do not doubt my feelings for you.”

Lance doesn’t reply but she gives me a small nod. I pull portions of flow from her reserve and assemble a strengthening construct in front of her eyes, causing her to bite her lower lip in hesitation.

Her indecision doesn’t last long because she wants what she’s requested very much as proven by her glistening womanhood. I push her at arm’s length to inspect her from bottom to top.

Her bronze flesh, her sexy lithe thighs which seem somewhat unfit to bear children, her delicate flower petals on the brink of blossoming, her flat iron-hard stomach, her slender but powerful biceps, her tiny firm breasts and small nipples, her square jaw, her sharp cheekbones, her strong nose, her piercing abysmal eyes, her short white hair.

A burst of hot aggression arises in my lower-stomach, a scorching desire for victory, it stuns me because I’ve only felt this during my harshest battles. I raise my chin to lock eyes with her.

I’ll get it.” Leomi murmurs with a discreet blush.

The paths made on her cheeks by her dried tears clash with her embarrassment and obvious desire. It is a clue that her darkest emotions do not register in the same way for her than they do for ‘normal’ people.

I find the burst of relief in me shameful because it originates from my conclusion that Leomi won’t give me an ultimatum about Celyz. My self-loathing is further fueled by the fact that I’m aware they will enter into conflict with each other, Lance expressed as much in the past but I hadn’t taken her seriously enough.

As if to prove my insanity, these negative emotions further fan the flames of my desire to take her. Leomi departs for the bathroom so I apply and activate the strengthening construct. It provides so much strength that making love to her won’t burden my body, which is why she agreed in the first place.

Leomi returns while holding the belt with the slender metal rod, her body language apprehensive but her gait is eager. She fastens it around my waist in silence but with many seductive and arousing caresses.

I stand immobile even as I feel her place the bulb on my sex’ clitoris because I am focused on taking deep breaths to control my impulses. She wants it long and slow so I have to adjust my mood to deliver.

She stands while biting her lower lip out of nervousness. I reach up and place my index on her lips, pushing just slightly to direct her to walk backward towards the bed.

Lance takes one step at a time until the back of her knees hit the mattress and she trips, her butt dropping on the satin blanket. I take hold of her left wrist and move her hand between my legs to use it as a paintbrush.

She clenches her fingers as I make them slide along my the slit between my petals to gather some of the sticky fluid held within. The uncomfortable sensation of her nails trailing my delicate flesh is what allows me to resist.

Her teeth release her lower lip as she starts panting. I pull her away just before I break under my intensifying desire and tighten my thighs because my mood isn’t such as to be had right now.

I apply the lubricant I gathered with her fingers to the thin metal rod and use my hand to open her legs. I then make her apply my dew to herself to further facilitate the initial penetration.

Be gentle.” Leomi whispers.

I nod and push her down on her back. I climb the bed on my knees and she parts her thighs by herself. She then sets her legs on my shoulder and a half, lifting her buttocks up and making her lie on her shoulders. I take hold of the wet metal rod and place the tip on her anus.

Her jaw clenches, betraying the fact that she’s already gritting her teeth. I would give her a moment but I’m burning up inside so I push with my thighs and slide the shaft inside her.

Urhm.” Leomi grunts with the back of her throat.

I keep pushing until I estimate I’ll hit the back of her ass and then jerk forward with my waist, causing Lance’s mouth and eyelids to gape wide open while her tiny firm breasts shake just a bit.

Uhr, hu.” She groans after a moment of delay.

As I slowly pull back, she starts noisily panting with a distressed expression. Her eyes find mine and she gives me a small confident smile to reassure me. It makes me feel manipulated when she should be bending under me so I grow a bit angry.

Yet, I take my time and very carefully push the cold rod back in, taking much satisfaction in the small squeak that escapes her. In the end, I once again use a short but intense shove to slam it as deeply as I can, which seals her voice for a handful of seconds.

Rhh.” Leomi groans with her eyes closed.

Encouraged by how into this she is, I find the will to control the egotistical aggression that make me lesser. I thrust the shaft in and out of her as I go through the process of relying on my love for her to be more than my basic instincts, understanding that this is what she achieves together with me even though I induce the contrary in her at times.

Uhhm, uhm.” Leomi moans with a high-pitched voice as the illumination hits me.

I slow down my pace and focus on her, using my hand to caress her stomach in a possessive manner but with affection and reassurance. Leomi briefly closes knees on my head in an odd hug to express her gratitude.

You’re going to run late, girls.” Yvonne’s voice erupts from my right, stunning me. I freeze.

Hey!” Leomi protests weakly. “Keep going!” She insists as I don’t react.

Don’t mind me, Jessica, I’ve seen most of it before.” The sword-sworn adds, reminding me she’s the one who took care of me after I lost my arm. “And don’t you dare play coy, I’m pretty damn envious of how you look in spite of what you lost.”

Feeling the circumstances surreal, but definitely unwilling to stop taking Leomi or move my eyes off her gorgeous body, I shove the slender shaft back in her anus with one hard thrust that makes the bed creak.

Ughmf.” Lance snarls at the impact.

Oh, wow.” Yvonne whispers as she moves to the right side of the bed.

With the corner of my eyes, I spot that she is wearing an almost transparent nightgown with no underwear but her consequent breasts are of no interest to me, and wouldn’t even if I didn’t have my lover bent under me as she is.

In a trance, I retract the rod to gently slide it back into Leomi which makes her squeal and blindly reach out with her left arm to Yvonne who holds the hand within both of hers. A burst of jealousy seizes my heart and I consider completely pulling out to kick the brunette out.

Go harder.” Leomi asks.

I scowl, suspecting she isn’t making the request only for herself but perhaps also because she read my emotions. Yet, I can’t resist the temptation so I start taking her more harshly.

Within moments, I notice Yvonne squeezing Leomi’s hand to help her through the ordeal. I grow utterly mad when I catch my, my, Lance respond by gripping hard at the vixen’s palm.

I start fucking Leomi as hard as I can with a slightly quicker pace so that I can vent the jealousy clouding my mind and oppressing my heart, barely even registering the yowls of pain and exultation that escape her.

My eyes fixate on her breasts which shake with each of my thigh’s thrusts but, after a while, Lance’s voice turns rather odd so I pause and glance up at her beautiful face.

I thrust and notice the briefest tightening of her eyebrows along with a twitch in her right biceps, signs that she’s concealing pain. I glance down, finding rosy liquid on the metal shaft.

The veil of haziness covering my thoughts dissipates as I recognize blood. I glance up to my best friend who winks at me with a smile. Lance rises up a bit on her elbows to look at me, attracting my attention.

Keep going.” Leomi murmurs pleadingly. “I need to experience you inside me until I can really have you in me.”

I, somehow, manage to blush in this situation. I resume sliding the rod in her but, this time, I focus on making love to her without allowing my furiously swirling emotions to spoil it for Lance.

I take it slow, but do occasionally slip in a tight and brutal heave from my waist. She remains in pain, but, it doesn’t disturb me because our relationship has always been agonizing.

Hmhm!” Leomi moans in pleasure.

I throw an awkward and somewhat reproving glance at Yvonne for remaining. I find her in the process of kneeling and bending in half as Leomi’s hand trails up her right thigh under the nightgown. My jealousy returns in full force but I manage to control myself because she’s my best friend.

Be nice.” Yvonne berates Leomi.

No.” Leomi replies with a firm voice.

Her response stuns me because she hadn’t shown her steel-like temper at all while I penetrated her, whether softly or violently. Yvonne turns to me, no doubt to check, but I shake my head to tell her I won’t intervene.

Up to you.” I tell her between my grit teeth with a tense tone.

Yvonne sighs as the hand finds its way up to her womanhood. Leomi slides her index and major straight inside without any issue, causing the kneeling sword-sworn to let a rough exhalation out.

Have you done this before?” I can’t help but ask to vent the harsh winds of jealousy shredding my insides and disturbing me from my priority of taking Leomi.

Who do you think she trained on?” She replies lightly. “She, hmmhm…” She trails off with a whine because Leomi begins actively pleasuring her. This is so messed up. “She’s got so good she sometimes got me off.” Yvonne finishes.

Oftehhhnnnn.” Leomi’s prideful correction ends in a long moan of pleasure.

Are you close?” I ask Lance.

“Yes, we best stop.” She replies somewhat guiltily.

Ah, she was going to let me bring her to a climax. Can’t blame her. I slow down but don’t entirely stop in order to bring Leomi down from her cloud. Meanwhile, she keeps vexing me by continuing to finger her sword-sworn who lets out a couple more, admittedly, arousing moans.

You let her train on you?” I ask Yvonne in disbelief, growing more agitated and feeling more justified in my anger towards her because of her evident unabashed enjoyment of the situation even though it isn’t fair for me to be.

How do you, think I taught her?” She replies with a short breath.

What about Rowland?” I question, using my best card to get rid of this competitor before I pull out of Leomi and drop from the high I’m riding.

I’m just helping, my ward go through, a difficult time, what is there to, reproach me?” Yvonne counters with seemingly genuine curiosity that is somewhat undermined by her lascivious expression and her gasps for oxygen.

I take a deep breath and try to ignore the wet sounds produced by my lover’s fingers as she uses them to masturbate my best friend, who is supposed to be entirely straight no matter how much she experimented. We’re so screwed up. I slide the thin metal rod out of Leomi’s anus, causing her to completely slacken on the satin blanket.

Thankfully, her left hand falls down which means I no longer have to bear the sight and sounds of Lance toying with her sword-sworn’s most intimate place. Yet, that doesn’t do anything to quench the fire in my chest.

Yvonne puffs with a rather disappointed expression as she tries to catch her breath, proving that Leomi’s touch definitely didn’t leave her indifferent. I shake my shoulders to get rid of Lance’s legs and get off the bed to stomp towards her.

You want to, give it a try too?” She asks with a wink.

I grab the front of her nightgown and use the grip to lift her up to her feet. She follows along without showing any anger, which I find infuriating so I push her back until she lies against the wall.

Don’t barge in on us again.” I warn my best friend, who I hate right now. Leomi doesn’t comment on my outburst, she doesn’t have to. “And no more training or having fun or helping your ward anymore, not any of it.” I add, utterly furious but unable to reasonably take it out on her when I kept enthusiastically sodomizing Leomi in her presence from an obscene frontal position.

But I enjoyed watching, and participating to be completely honest.” Yvonne protests my demands with a pitiful expression that makes me suspicious. “You two are magnificent together.” She adds with a sincere tone while openly ogling our naked bodies.

How much of what you said a while ago was true?” I question with a deep scowl.

All of it, but very exaggerated.” Leomi murmurs from the side. “She barely ever let me touch, never in and, never as long as this.”

Don’t sell me out, I won’t get another shot now!” Yvonne protests with a sad grimace. “And you make it sound like I was the temptress when you were the one who kept asking.”

Grhagah! I erupt inside my head as I realize she was teasing me, not to mention that Leomi took advantage of Yvonne’s interest and utter lack of shame to learn more about me while making a point. As well as have some fun at my expense, while also introducing me to her quirks.

Hm, are you going to put it in?” My worst-best friend asks with a hit of sultriness.

I glance down and find that I’m poking the middle of her thigh with the shaft and that she’s holding her nightgown up for me. I glare at her and extend my hand out to Leomi who catches my meaning instantly.

She soon sends me a towel we used earlier. I use it to wipe the rod from the viscous rosy blood covering it while Yvonne spreads her thighs and completely lifts the nearly transparent piece of cloth covering her body.

Have at her.” Leomi encourages.

Hey!” Yvonne protests as she suddenly turns a bit shy. Our eyes meet and I read on her expression that Leomi’s bluntness annoyed her because she isn’t being frivolous in inviting me. “You really are magnificent, Jess, I would be happy to share this experience with you.” She whispers gently.

Her seductive tone makes me uncomfortable but I understand that she’s trying to make peace for indulging herself at our detriment in her own way. Not to mention she no doubt barged in knowing what we were up to and she is more than likely tempted if I go by the noises that came out of her earlier.

She gives me a small smile that seeps the anger out of me but not the jealousy of having seen her be fingered by my Leomi. That image will remain as a barrier between us for as long as I remember it.

But, perhaps having her will bring us closer and compensate for that loss. I am aware that my libido is running my cognitive dysfunction yet I advance on her and press my upper-chest against her large breasts, feeling her hard nipples press through the semi-transparent cloth.

That’s enough!” Leomi exclaims with a hoarse voice as she stomps towards us.

Yvonne winks at me and her right hand grabs the rod to guide it in her womanhood. I rise on the tip of my toes and penetrate her as deeply as I can. I encounter no resistance or reach any obstacle, which surprises me because the shaft is two centimeters in diameter and ten or so in length.

That kind of size seems more than consequent enough to me but, apparently, is merely enough to cause Yvonne to shudder and half-close her eyes for a brief moment. I suppose that’s the difference between a woman who has sex with men and one who prefers women.

She leans in and gently drops a kiss on my cheek, pressing down on the rod inside of her as she does. I do my best to smile to her and am filled with relief by the fact the two of us can remain as close as ever even with the raging envy simmering in my stomach because she isn’t a threat for either me or Leomi.

I feel a grip on my shoulder and am suddenly thrown back. Thump. I hear a fist hit wood. I notice that Yvonne angled her head to the side to avoid Leomi’s punch. I immediately pass my arm around Lance’s waist and pull her back.

Cool down.” I whisper.

Leomi does not do so but that’s because she’s clearly done what she meant to. She glares at Yvonne until the sword-sworn makes a small apologetic smile and slips out of our bedroom. Once she’s gone, Lance picks me up in her arms and carries me into the bathroom while limping all the way with a controlled expression.

How bad?” I ask her, referring to her ass.

Pretty bad.” She replies with a thin smile that soon fades to be replaced by a scowl. “Do you understand a little now?”

Her rhetorical question guts me as if she used our dagger, I can’t stop my guilt from showing on my face. Leomi doesn’t push me further about the event with Yvonne because she’s been an integral part of our relationship from the beginning and is in no way a danger, yet I showed jealousy.

She opens the faucet and lights up the runic fire construct on the pipes, casually washing the fingers she put inside Yvonne. She once again brings me inside the tub yet, this time, she settles in front of me on her knees. After I’ve sat, and lowers her buttocks to impale herself on the shaft.

Mhr.” She groans in pain but with an undertone of satisfaction.

I always did, it doesn’t help.” I tell her. “I‘m the reason we won’t be happy together.”

That’s nonsense. I’ll make sure we will be so shut up and fuck me, my love.” Lance replies with a harsh voice.

I obey. I ravage her for a good two minutes. I draw intense screams of agony from the steel-like warrior who remained of stone when I displaced one of her ribs to directly touch her heart and when I pinned her to a parquet by stabbing my hammer’s handle through her shoulder.

My success, how she accepts me, her abandon, all of these things makes me proud while the act of penetrating her so savagely makes me satisfied in a delectable way that has little to do with physical pleasure.

How do you feel?” I ask her once my feelings settle and I slow down. She takes a few minutes to reply during which I screw her more tenderly.

Alive.” Leomi whispers tensely. “I understand why you two crave this.

We, can’t deny it.” We reply awkwardly, each experiencing twinges of shame that quickly fade.

It’s, intrusive, but being fucked so hard scratches an itch.” She develops with a jumping tone of voice. I nod in agreement.

It takes another fifteen minutes of ramming for Leomi to once again climb to a blissful peak. I stop before she can get off and pull the rod out of her ass, which has thankfully long stopped bleeding.

Rrrrrraaaahhhhhhhhh!” Leomi lets out a loud cry of frustrated exultation before falling forward in the warm water with a splash.

I pull her back up and settle her against the left side of my chest. I then take the belt off and throw it aside. She rests herself fully against me, granting me access to the pit of her neck which I start nibbling on.

Hold me for a while now.” Lance commands, her usual self showing in spite of her weak and trembling voice.

I quickly understand that, of the three places she wishes me to hold, there is one in dire need of some measured relief. I reach around her right thigh and place my hand on her sensitive flower, sliding my major inside her slit and pressuring the two pairs of petals with my palm.

That’s, good.” Leomi comments with an almost purring sound of contentment. “My jay.”

Her assertion causes my stomach to sink but makes my heart soar. The discrepancy is mind-rending but not unmanageable. While neither Leomi nor Celyz believe there are circumstances during which they could get along, I believe there is a chance their grief could bring the two beings I love together.

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