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We remain as we are, basking in each other’s company as the sun climbs higher and higher into the sky. We’re so quiet that birds return around the time when we take bread and salted deer out to grill for lunch.

How would it work?” Leomi questions at the end of our meal.
“Children? I don’t know.” I reply with a sigh.

It’s not as if it would be our child if anyone else is involved in the conception.” She continues.

Adoption?” I ask halfheartedly. “We could make a family.”

But it wouldn’t be…” Leomi trails off. “We can, if you want.” She says, swiftly changing her position.

No, I share your point of view.” I tell her. “The child has to be ours if it is at all possible.”

We lean against each other, falling into a contemplative silence. I regret mentioning this to Leomi, I shouldn’t even have brought it up considering how little time I have left and the fact that the possibility itself is remote since we’re both women.

You’re really going to die.” Leomi suddenly utters with a hint of despair.

I am.” I reply, lifting my arm to pass it around her shoulders.

How is your health?” She asks with a controlled tone.
“Better since I’ve built my endurance back, my chest doesn’t even feel like it’s being stabbed when I’m exhausted anymore.” I tell her truthfully.

…” Leomi murmurs something too quietly for me to hear even though her jaw is next to my ear. “Heart? lungs?” She question, voice still very low.

Does it matter?” I ask, unwilling to reply for the stupid reason that I don’t want to mention my heart is weak.
“It does. I need to know to find solutions.” Leomi insists.
“Heart.” I mutter. “But it’s unlikely to be the only problem.”

Okay.” She acknowledges with a tight tone.

I… you’re not going to like it.” I start hesitantly.
“What is it?” She presses.
“If my state worsens, I have an option to extend my life.” I tell her. “The parasite, it kept me healthy even as it slowly eroded my body.”

No. There won’t be any coming back from that, it will be the death of you if you do this.” Leomi denies harshly, surprising me because the way she answers means she wasn’t taken by surprise but put much thought into this.

We refuse to wither in bed.” We insist.

I refuse to allow you to slowly kill yourself.” Leomi counters, traits torn by the dilemma. She’s implying we wouldn’t be ourselves anymore from the moment we do this. She isn’t wrong.
“It will be too late if we wait and become too weak to handle it.” I mutter, tormented. “It’s our last resort, kitten.”

She doesn’t reply but stands up and turns around, likely unable to remain still. She is expressionless but her fingers are trembling and her light gray eyes flickering, showing the intense battle happening within.

Don’t do anything without talking to me first.” She demands.

I get up, raising my chin to lock gazes with her. There is steel in her posture. I nod, acknowledging that this isn’t refusing or denying me. We’ll deal with this when the time comes, it’s more than enough that she’ll be willing to discuss it.

She extends her hand out with her forearm angled up. I reach out and take hold of her wrist, her slender fingers do the same. We seal the agreement like this but there is a distinct lack of strength in her grip, like the conversation took a lot out of her. We change to a normal handhold to go for a walk along the brook.

The jay soars off her shoulder and flies around us in wide circles. Its posture is slightly off because of its single flapping wing but that only makes it look cuter. I reach out and link to the bird, finding an incomprehensible mess of flow currents. Yet, I get the feeling that the chaos is harmonious and elated.

Elizabeth is kind of mad at you, or for you, I’m not sure which it is because my mind is a mess when it comes to us.” I tell her, with Liz interjecting at the end.

Is she?” Leomi blinks in surprise as she asks. “What about you?” Do I really need to participate, Liz? Yes, it’s okay to be nervous but don’t be shy.

I merely wanted to teach you the blood construct but you had to taunt my sister so I’ll be following her lead.” I tell her as Liz spots a suitable tree and grins.

We let go of her hand and swiftly unfasten our belt while we make our way to the trunk. Leomi follows and walks in front of me with a quizzical expression. I give her a reassuring smile, which isn’t treacherous at all because I’m not E.Vil.

Don’t move.” Liz tells her.

I use her flow to make a half-dozen fire constructs around us to. The air isn’t too cold because there is no wind in the woods but that only matters if one has clothes. I slowly take her cloak off and then seize her shirt.

Is this necessary?” Leomi asks, standing very still.

Yes.” Elizabeth replies, short of breath.

How do clothes…” She starts.
“It’s important to Liz.” I interrupt her.

Okay.” She whispers, raising her arms.

I pull the tunic off and throw it on a branch, uncovering a gray bra that doesn’t match at all with the simplicity of her other clothes. Liz nudges her right breast with our nose, enjoying the firm texture and confirming once more that she really doesn’t need the undergarment for support.

Liz.” Leomi protests as she lowers her arms to place them around my neck.
You can’t wear that kind of seductive lingerie and expect me to resist.” Elizabeth casually notes.
Hmh.” She exhales, relaxing.

I crouch to take her belt off, making her tense up again. I link our belts together and seize each end to yank, making sure they’ll hold under her weight. Satisfied, I slip my fingers between her pants and underwear, finding laces.

This gray pair of silk panties is my favorite. The strings allow me to see a lot further down than would be proper in even a seduction attempt while concealing enough to induce just enough hunger to torment. Leomi shivers as I pull her pants down. She lifts one foot after the other to help.

My sight lands on the triangular opening in the cloth and the soft bronze flesh it exposes. If it was cut just a little bit further, the edge of her folds and her bud would be exposed. We almost reach out to pull the panties off as well in but Leomi trembles, which tells us that this might be more tormenting than actually exposing her, for a while at least.

Liz casually throws the pants up to the branch, over Leomi’s shoulder which makes her flinch. A mean grin pulls on my lips. It feels weird not to be conflicted as I experience Elizabeth’s eagerness at toying with her kitten while being apprehensive.

I am aware that I can’t be considered tall.” Liz says while standing up. “But, I am no dwarf.

Okay.” Leomi murmurs.

She gulps as we take hold of her wrists and throw the belts around to tie them up. She has a few goosebumps on her forearms in spite of the fires but what’s surprising is her docility.

Be assertive, she loves being courted as much as we do. I agree, she’s worried right now so she needs to be reassured but is this the way? It’s my way. Besides, you’re very interested.

I’m going to hang you from the tree.” I warn her. Leomi nods. “Did you hear us?” We ask her with a hard tone.

Yes, my berserk.” She responds with a smile.

I finish the final knot and place my hand under hers to tell her to lift them up. My eyes linger on her bare armpits and then the stretched muscles of her belly. I manage to hold back from the temptation of stroking her body because her posture is forward, showing that she’s trying to get the upper hand even exposed as she is.

I throw the loose end of the belt up to the branch and step around her. Leomi exhales heavily, betraying the tension she’s under. Liz’ grin widens even more. We assemble a strengthening construct and pull the end of the belts down, lifting her up to the point where she has to tiptoe to remain standing.

We then tie the belts up around the branch, locking her in this position. I walk around Leomi’s lithe body, devouring the sight with desire and pride. I quickly notice that she’s slowly dancing back and forth with her spine waving along as she takes deep breaths.

How do you feel?” Liz asks.
“Lost.” Leomi says, shuddering.

And?” I press.

Exposed.” She adds before lowering her head to whisper. “Aroused.

Good.” Elizabeth speaks up with satisfaction.
“The construct?” She asks.

The blood-blade is based on the air-blade, your task is to figure it out to free yourself before I go too far tormenting you.” Liz informs her.
You’re not going to teach me at all?” Leomi questions with some panic in her voice.

You can ask me if you manage to make a basic model.” I tell her, feeling some pity but not enough to mess with Liz’ plans.

This isn’t fair! I didn’t even ask you to do this!” She explodes while trying to fight her bindings.

Be calm.” Elizabeth orders with a harsh voice.

Leomi ignores her so Liz steps around her and brings our hand back to hit her tight buttocks with a flat palm. Smack. She lets out a muffled groan and stops struggling. I feel a burst of satisfaction mixed in with anguish at the unnecessary trial.

Liz…” Leomi whimpers.

It’s how I learned. You have less time but aren’t in any danger.” Elizabeth explains.
“Dammit Liz, there’s no way I can figure it out like this!” She exclaims in outrage.

Oh, she knows.” I discreetly slip in.

Leomi bites her lower lip. She really isn’t going to free herself, even though she knows it’s unfair. Of course not, we’re challenging her so she’ll try her best no matter how difficult we make this. Don’t go too far.

Leomi closes her eyes, undoubtedly to focus. We extend our hand out and trail the tips of our fingers around her waist as we walk around her, enjoying her shivering and occasional squirming while she struggles to figure out how to make the construct.

The reason we’re teaching her is that it’s the best way I know of to break out of bindings when under a disruption construct. Not to mention the blood-blade has the potential to be applied in a variety of ways, like stopping the bleeding from a wound.

I slip behind her back, embracing her with my waist against her thighs. I pass my arm around her to rest my hand on her chiseled stomach, savoring the feel of her tender skin. Leomi trembles but keeps her silence.

I lean to the side to glance at her face, finding that she’s holding her eyelids closed tight. I remain as I am, giving her time. It takes her a couple of minutes to relax and focus again, at which point Liz bites down on her bra’s hooks.

Leomi pushes back against me with her buttocks, suppressing a whining sound inside her throat. Elizabeth giggles as she manages to unclasp the undergarment, leaving it to hang on her shoulders.

Liz, Jess.” She utters tensely in a pleading tone.

It’s important to train under adverse circumstances.” I reply with a chuckle.

Elizabeth spots buttons on the bra’s straps that keep them attached to the back. She bites down on the cloth and unfastens them with her teeth, leaving the piece of underwear without support. It slips off her shoulders but I catch it before it hits the ground, throwing it on the branch with the rest of her clothes.

Hmmh!” Leomi makes a sound of protest between her clasped lips.

Music to my ears.” Elizabeth murmurs with a sultry voice.

I slide around her without breaking the contact between our bodies, my mouth instinctively finding the underside of her left breasts to kiss. I’m conscious that my messy hairs are tickling her erect nipples, and so is she considering the way she writhing.

Uuunh!” Her head jerks back as a whine finally escapes her.

In spite of her torment, I feel her belly turn stiff to resist. Liz chuckles and switches to lock her other breast up to the nipple. Leomi twitches violently for a brief moment before her chin drops to rest on her chest.

She remains there, head hanging down as she tries to subdue her embarrassed expression. We know how intensely aroused this is making us, the wetness between our thighs is unmistakable.

Yet our focus remains on her, our resolve unshaken by her adorable reactions The difference between us is that Liz enjoys those acts of torment while I revel in the fact that Leomi appears to be loving this.

It’s merely a feeling I have from the sounds she’s made, what she’s said, and how she keeps almost imperceptibly shoving her body against mine. We’re certain the guess is spot-on, Leomi isn’t merely sadistic towards others.

Are you enjoying yourself? Do not lie.” I ask and command.
It isn‘t enough!” She barks out with a wild voice, startling us both.

What do you mean?” I question, feeling lost in turn.
I won’t be begging for you to take me with only this much!” Leomi tells us with a challenging tone, her crazed light gray eyes locking onto ours.

She suddenly throws her legs around our waist, linking her ankles behind our back. Liz immediately rises on the tips of our toes to snag her right nipple with our teeth. We manage to apply only slight pressure.

Urgh!” Leomi growls in pain and anger but her legs remain where they are.

You won’t be freeing yourself like this.” Elizabeth warns between our teeth, referring to the fact that only a blood-blade is permitted.
I know.” She replies resentfully, her tone contradicted by the savage smile on her lips.

I release her nipple in fear of Liz injuring her with what’s coming next. We shove our torso between her thighs to stroke her with her own underwear, aware that her silk panties feel very good on the skin. Leomi squeezes us with her legs, as a warning of a kind.

Elizabeth gives her a corner smile, ignoring it. We start making strong and regular pushes with our stomach to caress her sex, overcoming the barrier of our clothes while also showing dominance. She grits her teeth but…

Ihm. Ihm.” Two rapid moans of desire pry their way through her closed mouth.

Leomi blushes in shame but she manages to hold my gaze in spite of the wetness gathering in the corner of her eyes. She is seemingly telling us that it’ll be us breaking our vow of abstinence if we get her off.

We stop moving because the three of us know it was a victory, even if we didn’t get her to beg. It wasn’t our goal to get her to ask us to take her but I love it and the fact that she is facing us without subterfuge. Let me toy with her.

Imagine what your people would say, what the world would think of you hanging like this in my power.” Elizabeth commands. Leomi’s eyes widen and she starts fighting the belts binding her. “Their eyes on these small breasts.” I add.

The words cause her to shake from head to toe and fall limp. Her legs fall back to the ground, her bare feet only managing to keep her upright thanks to the branch’s support. Her breaths are rapid, lurid. I glance down at her silk panties and find a drenched dark gray line.

The scene excites you, but would you really like it in reality?” I ask even though it undermines the mood.
“…” Leomi holds her tongue. The way her jaw clenches tells me that she might be biting it.

Answer her, kitten.” Elizabeth demands.

No.” She refuses with a hoarse voice. “I can take on everything you dish out, even if it breaks me for a while. I don’t fear you because I trust you completely with myself but I won’t fold to a sub-par effort. Testing me is meaningless if you don’t have what it takes to go as far as you want to, both physically and mentally!” She hurls the words out at me like a vengeance.

We reach for her panties to show we’ve heard her request to let go. Our grin twists madly as Leomi dodges our hand by hanging backward. We look up to her humid eyes which are fixed on my suspended arm.

Why?” We ask threateningly, implying we’ll only give her a moment of relief during her answer.

There is no need to be more specific about the question because it’s clear her previous outburst is something she’s been suppressing for it to come out like this. I have no doubt that this is a fantasy of hers, to resist me trying to make her beg to be taken.

To test myself and find out where my limits are.” Leomi replies with a small voice filled with tension. I nod and take hold of the end of the bow knot holding the laces of her panties in place. “Rh.” She groans.

Those are the rules now, I only stop if you’re answering.” Liz says with a chuckle as we pull the strings.

Wait!” Leomi exclaims.

Oh, right. I didn’t ask another question.” I note, pausing. “But you didn’t answer the previous one, so there you go.” I tell her.

I would enjoy anything we do together, even if it’s you exposing me, but I would take the top if given a choice.” She explains hurriedly.
“It would make me uncomfortable.” I tell her. “I don’t mind going around naked but not in sight of anyone.”

To have you face that fear for me would make it even better.” Leomi replies dreamily.
Hmph.” Liz scoffs from the depth of her throat. “This is for wanting to bully my sister, even though I encourage you to.Hey!

We pull Leomi’s panties clean off and launch them up to hang on the branch. I decide to take a step back to observe her hanging from the tree while fully naked. Witnessing her exposed, tied up and powerless, unexpectedly causes us to feel a sense of satisfaction that borders on physical gratification.

Jay?” Leomi nervously calls out.
Shh, kitten.” I reply with a dazed voice.

I move in front of her to drop to my knees with a straight spine. My eyes are directly facing her most intimate place, her dewy sex’ slender folds have outer lips that almost completely conceal the delicate inner petals.

I find her magnificent but remain silent as words would spoil the moment. Which does not mean I hold my tongue. I’ve waited for this moment for what feels like decades. I extend my tongue out and slowly lean in towards the base of her flower.

Huu.” Leomi gasps in anticipation.

The tip finds her wet slit but instantly losing it as it makes her jump. Yet, we immediately make contact again as she hesitantly returns herself to me. I run my tongue along her entire slit up to the bud.

Uiihhm!” She cries out in a long moan.

I swiftly pull the drops of her desire I so acquired in my mouth to taste it and instantly fall in love with the metallic aroma that exudes a hint of bitter lemon. Leomi extends her waist out to reach me but we pull away because the bliss we’re experiencing is threatening to completely overwhelm us.

Aaaah, don’t, no! Take me! Rhaa! Take me now! Please!” Leomi urgently cries out, sounding like she’s in actual pain from being denied.

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