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I wake up on the mat and in my blankets. Leomi is still asleep in her camp bed. These past few days since our discussion, I’ve been rising to find her cooking breakfast for me. It’s a luxury I haven’t often enjoyed in my life but I didn’t protest because of how romantic it felt to have her try so hard for me in spite of our conflicts.

What touches my heart the most is her ability to disregard my handicap, take advantage of it to beat me whether in sparring or when our tempers run high, while also reading the mood well enough to help me when I need it without bringing attention to the fact I would fail without her.

I get up and use some flow to boost the flames in the half circle of rocks we set as a fireplace. I then step outside to clean up as well as check the constructs keeping my heart from stabbing me in the back.

Once I’m done, I throw a few strips of smoked boar meat onto Leomi’s traveling pan. I change clothes and wait for her to awaken. I can’t help the grin splitting my face as I gaze at the rough furniture we built for the living room.

A shelf, three chairs, a table, and even a bed-frame in my old room. We got into a small scuffle yesterday about who got to use that bed even though we don’t have the straw to use as a mattress.

The squabbling made me inordinately happy because it means Leomi felt at ease enough to make a claim. Although, as always with us, there was bantering and wooing involved.

We experienced a relapse three days ago when we awoke naked together. At first, it scared the shit out of me to feel her stiffen, more than the hurt I felt, but then I understood the reason we got along so smoothly that day and night.

We sparred, flirted, and spoke so long that it rose our spirits and made us much more comfortable with each other. It’s inevitable that a new couple who went through as much as we did wouldn’t solve the issue so easily.

The night we spent in each other’s arms allowed us to cool down from our feverish behavior and made the morning hard to bear. It took some attentiveness to ensure the incident wouldn’t dampen our mood much, like Leomi’s breakfasts and my recounting embellished stories of what we went through. It turns out she loves listening to them, and undressing me with her eyes when I do.

I throw a couple of eggs in the pan once the boar meat starts grilling and serve two bowls. I sit down on her bed and wait. It takes a few minutes for her to open her eyes and rise to settle crossed-legged next to me.

I try to hand her the food but she doesn’t accept it. She stares at me with a pout, looking slightly vexed. The flow one-winged jay pops into existence just to turn its head away from me like it takes offense as well. I’m confident she didn’t mean to do that from the way she controls her surprised reaction.

My mind turns like grinding stones as I try hard to figure out what I did wrong but she only gives me a couple of seconds before pulling her mirror out to inspect the increasingly white roots of her hair.

You’re gorgeous.” I tell her.

Leomi’s moue suffers because a prideful smile takes over her lips for a second. Yet, she returns to it like my compliment didn’t happen. I lean over and carefully depose a kiss on her neck. She tries to remain completely still but fails and her head leans affectionately in my direction.

I’m supposed to make breakfast and wake you up to take advantage of you.” Leomi complains sullenly.
“You shouldn’t be saying that last part.” I comment with a grin.

Why? You enjoy the teasing.” She challenges.

I blush a little but don’t deny that I love it because we’re a bit fragile so it wouldn’t do to deny us both things we enjoy out of embarrassment. She devours my reaction to her words with her eyes. I catch the discreet flicker of a silver bolt running down her spine.

It’s there and gone so fast that I would have missed it if I hadn’t known it would occur. As far as I can tell so far, these silver things happen to people when they put a lot of effort doing something or experience an intense emotion. But, either way, I have to be very attentive to notice most of these.

You’re in a teasing mood this morning?” I ask, trying to change the subject.

Hmph.” She grunts, making a difficult expression. “You haven’t kept your word.”

Ah, that.” I feel my cheeks betray me and grow hot. “You said you wanted to go to the village this morning, I’ll do it later.” I deflect. “Besides, I never said when I would do it.” Coward!

Jessica.” Leomi and the golden jay stare at me. “Listen to Liz.”

Wait, how did you do that?” I blink.

Oh, that was accurate?” She questions with wide eyes.

Dammit, don’t make faces to clue her in. She loves me the most, and you’re the one who gave it up. Liz, you’re being childish. Riiiight… Leomi laughs as my expression, no doubt, reveals my inner conflict. The disloyal jay looks like its chortling. It dares to make fun of me when it’s so small, and silly!

This is unfair! Five against one!” I exclaim, offended at how the tide turned so much against me.

Five?” Leomi blinks. “How many of you are there exactly in there?” She asks, failing to camouflage the flash of worry that passes through her sharp traits.

Well not all are in here.” I tap my head. “First, there is your warhorse.” I raise a finger.
“First?!” She protests, looking outraged while the jay is so stunned its beak snaps shut.

I throw a look of superiority at the ridiculous flow pocket bird. It tries to glare back but it flickers out of existence, the activity likely made it run out of energy. I grin victoriously while Leomi looks up and to the side, affecting ignorance.

Four now, you’re second because I love you.” I say while raising another finger.

I am first.” Leomi utters in a dark threatening tone, gazing away from me in spite.

Fine, you’re first.” I hurriedly correct, realizing I went a bit too far.

You may proceed if Liz is second, my tenderest.” She grins, looking back at me.

Okay, okay.” I fold, realizing she’s probably saving me from… Nope, it was too late when you mentioned the horse. Oh, come on! “If you two gang up on me, there will be retaliation.” I threaten in a hard tone.

Liz, let it go.” Leomi berates me. “She loves you as well.” Do you? Maybe. Hey!

Third is, of course, the horse.” I recapitulate, ignoring evil. “Fourth is…” I pause to leave some suspense.

Is…” Leomi encourages, clearly suspended to my lips. I casually stand up.

No one, we were screwing with you from the start!” We tell her before running away. “Liz knew and she didn’t say!” I sell her out to split the fallout.

I run behind the table while she jumps to her feet with a cry of anger. I start eating my boar and eggs with a smug smile while she paces after me, unable to go faster so as not to spill her food or make me spill mine.

We walk around the table a few times but Leomi soon gives up to sit down and eat more comfortably. She’s making a displeased face but I can tell she’s in a good mood. I drag a chair to settle next to her.

You know that you lost the negotiating leverage you obtained by making breakfast with that prank, right?” She asks rhetorically with a nonchalant air.

Wait, that’s not fair?” I protest but it comes out as a question.

Whether it’s fair or not does not concern me.” Leomi dismisses with a mean smile. “After all, you did promise me and we both know the delay has to do with you being silly than you not wanting to go through with it.”

I’m not silly.” I pout, being silly.

I would be very thankful if you got over it.” She tells me, reaching out to kiss my cheek.

How thankful?” I question, engulfing half an egg.

Thankful.” Leomi repeats herself. “There is no specific reward for doing what you said you would do.”

Ugh.” I grunt but we’re both aware it’s an acknowledgment.

I will be very pleased.” She insists anyway, like to express how eager she is.

Just the knowledge alone…” She adds with a sultry voice that feels even more seductive because it trails off and leaves things to imagination. “You could use this against me you know?” She suddenly tells me, looking nervous in spite of the fact she’s selling herself out.

You’re corrupting me.” I complain to fend off the temptation rushing to my head.
“If I wanted you to lose your innocence so soon, I would make suggestions.” Leomi protests.

I don’t think we have the same standards about innocence.” I mutter. Just the memory of what we did to each other with her metal… toy, can send me reeling if I think too hard about it, what we did was most definitely not innocent.

I’d tell you to do it in front of me, to disallow touch, taste, and speech so as to make me unbearably thirsty for you.” Leomi whispers. My heart goes off racing, slamming into my ribs.

You’re losing control aren’t you?” I ask, throwing her a quick look.

N, no.” She denies, losing her credibility.

Her lips are part and she avoids my gaze. I manage to discern the sound of her panting breath over that of my heart pumping in my ears. Oh, oh this, this is going to be fun. How are you not mortified about what she wants us to do?

Elizabeth’s mocking laugh echoes in my head and, suddenly, I get it. You’re hiding behind my back, or mind, whichever! Hey, it was your idea after all! I’ll repay the benefits by helping you screw with her. You’re tricking me. Ah well, you’ll see.

Leomi and I eat breakfast in awkward silence. She finishes first and briefly disappears in the pantry where she put her luggage. As soon as I’m done, she soundlessly deposits a folded razor next to my hand before picking up my empty bowl and almost runs outside to do the dishes.

I sit there, frozen. I knew I was going to have to own up but this is too abrupt a transition. Means she’s rattled and impatient, s’good. I groan at Elizabeth’s blunt side. The reason I wanted to do this was to please Leomi, so I’m hesitating.

It’s not a decision I should have made for her, but for me. Making her want you more is for you as well. Liz makes me grab the folded razor and pick it up. We start struggling but she gives up quite quickly, definitely because she doesn’t want to do it.

Coward.” I grunt. “T’was your idea.

I sigh and turn my mind to the specifics. My imagination is enough to make me feel weak in the knees but it does make me realize I’ll need water so I pick up the pitcher of water as well as Leomi’s mirror.

I head to the pantry and close the only wooden door we have inside. I deposit the three objects on a barrel to take my pants and knickers off. I warn you Elizabeth Vil, this is your body as well so I’ll drag your ass out if you mock me. Her silence is enough of an answer for me.

I sit down on the barrel and reverse the mirror’s cover to place it standing between my thighs. I pick up the hand razor with trembling fingers and unfold it with my teeth. Thankfully, there are over two hundred portions of flow compressed in Leomi’s water flask. I hope you won’t need it. Fuck, I’m going to slice myself up.

I slam the sharp tool on the barrel and control the burst of fear. My eyes fall down on the mirror, finding my womanhood fully reflected. I get why she likes you. Don’t. Right, no cheating on her with each other. A mad giggle bursts out of my lips.

I am beautiful, indeed. My fingers are no longer trembling. I actually find that I’m eager to proceed and find out how I’ll look. It would make the lance tattoo come out clearer as well, I’d look cleaner, more desirable.

I still feel utterly embarrassed but, now, it has more to do with the fact that Leomi knows exactly what I’m doing than the fact I’m about to do it. I pick up the razor again and focus on the work.

It’ll be much safer if I shave my pubic hair from the top, to get into it and train. I begin hesitantly and soon figure out that it gives much better results to go against the brush.

Except, once I’m done shaving the relatively flat parts, I end up with the desirable and intimate parts that I can’t screw up but are rather difficult to deal with when one only has a single hand.

I start fantasizing about calling Leomi in for advice… or even to ‘help‘, but Elizabeth crushes those thoughts for fear I’ll get excited. I shake my head straight and apply a writing technique.

I use my palm to apply pressure, settling the bits I’m working on while paying very, very close attention to where the length of blade is and what arc it will make for any given movements. It saves me quite a few tears, I’m sure.

It does not surprise me that Leomi would play with a damn razor to do this, but it does utterly baffle me that she hasn’t messed up. It makes her hot and bothered that you’re doing it, she’s probably as calm as you when she does it for herself.

Hm.” I nod.

I scour the entire area to get rid of the tiniest hair in the spirit of perfection, and also because it makes me feel beautiful. I grin. Perhaps Liz was right, this might be a good way to tease Leomi, and fun.

Leomi, go outside!” I yell out in spite of the fact that I didn’t hear her come back.

I wait a few seconds without moving. I soon hear the front door open and her step outside. Heh, thought you could catch a glimpse if I let my guard down and stepped out naked, huh?

I clean up the slight mess I made, throwing the hair into the trash bag where we put our peels and wood-chips. I then splash some water on my thighs and put Leomi’s mirror back where it was along with the razor.

It’s good to be bare but there’s also a slight feeling of shame that I don’t quite dislike. I can’t help the smile of satisfaction on my face but it vanished in a blink when I pull my knickers back up.

I can taste the somewhat soft texture with my skin. I instantly get wet. My legs shake as I force myself to fit it all the way before grabbing my pants and doing the same. I then crash into a chair to cross my legs to relieve my burning desire by a tiny bit.

I, I can’t walk like this, even less go to the village. I’m starting to lose my cool. It’s far gone. It doesn’t help that I hear Leomi cracking the door open. I put my arm in front of my breast, feeling utterly exposed.

You done?” She asks in a tiny voice.

People will know!” I cry out in panic.

Leomi throws a quick peek inside before fully opening the door and rushing up to me. She pretty much leaps to sit atop of my crossed legs. I split them to welcome her as she pushes her body against mine and seizes my lips.

I struggle to return her kiss as she seems to abandon herself to it, her tongue swirling around mine. With how she is, I find myself forced to settle down so that I can contain her apparently unrestrained desire.

You’re so fucking hot right now.” Leomi utters, forcing her mouth away from mine.

I must be if you’re swearing.” I comment, my breath short.
Let me see.” She pleads.
No.” Liz denies fiercely.

Why?” She whines, leaning in to nibble my ear while pushing with her breasts.
“Can you hold yourself back if I let you?” I ask in return.

Of course not.” She responds like it’s a silly question.

Her voice is close in intensity to that of a moan. Her loss of self-control makes me feel good about myself, about my body. May I? Go ahead. I push my hand between our chests, finding and seizing Leomi’s left nipple. A flash if silver courses through her chest.

Umph.” She gasps weakly.

Get a grip, kitten.” Liz berates.

Elizabeth jerks Leomi to the left by using her grip, forcing her off our lap and making her stand to the side while I get up. Her body is tense, like she can barely contain the storm inside but her light gray eyes have cleared up quite a bit. She stands straight with her legs joined together.

I’m, good now.” Leomi tells me.

There is no way I’m going today.” I speak up. Her expression drops. “No! It’s good. I feel good. I liked doing this for myself, for us, for you. I’m happy I did, but this is way too much for me to handle in public right now.” I tell her, very self-aware of my blush.

Really? Really, really?” Leomi asks repeatedly.

Yes.” I say, surprised by her attitude.

Tell Liz to let go?” She suggests.

Sure.” I reply, curious.

Elizabeth reluctantly releases Leomi’s nipple. Her expression melts from relief. How hard were you pinching it? How hard can you pinch? I throw my kitten an apologetic look but, inside, I’m amazed by how she can change in the blink of an eye. What kind of strength of character must it take to be her?

It’s fine, my sweet Jessica. It was intense but in a good way.” Leomi reassures me with a confident grin that I have no idea how she can make after being handled like that. It’s easy, you did it to her as well. “I needed that not to rip your clothes off.” She admits without shame. “But that’s not what I want to say.”

What is it then?” I ask, standing like a statue because any more than that and I might just melt from the heat of my embarrassment.

I love you did this for yourself, you have no idea how much I love that.” Leomi tells me, sounding deadly serious with an expression reflecting it. “The question is, how do you feel?”

Sexy.” I confess with a murmur.

I glance down by reflex but Leomi reaches out and lifts my chin up. It makes me love her even more that she’s making sure I’m telling the truth so I shape up and look her in the eyes. She nods in acknowledgment.

I’m not going to lie, I want to take you out even more now.” Leomi tells me bluntly.

I’m aware.” I mutter.

I’ll protect you only if needed.” She promises. “It’ll mean the world to me if you confront this.” She reveals herself, without directly pressuring me to go.

For who?” I ask, worried because I don’t want this to be about power or control.
“For me, for yourselves, for us, what’s the difference? What I want is to be there for support if you choose to go.” She returns. I watch her encouraging expression, holding my tongue as I try to peer through her now hateful self-control. “I want to go out on a date with my girlfriend while she feels sexy for the first time since I met her!” Leomi exclaims, visibly losing her composure.

My heart melts in my chest as I experience a burst of frail yet indestructible love for her. She reaches out to grab my hand within hers, apparently unable to hold herself back from imploring me.

I lean in and softly kiss her, pulling her lower lip with my own to suck on it, to put her at ease, to express how much she means to me, how happy she just made me by saying this. Leomi receives my attention with a sweet look on her face but she doesn’t break eye contact as she awaits my answer.

I’ll go.” I tell my love. “Of course I’ll go.”

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