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The light in Leomi’s eyes seems to shatter as her expression shifts from panic to denial to fear and then back to panic. She strikes out at my chest with her palm but the blow is so weak that it seems like she’s simply resting her trembling hand against it.

You, don’t. Look like her, at all.” Leomi utters, her tone gentle and fragile, the fright in her light gray irises deepening.

I can’t truly blame her for the lie considering how evident it is to me that she’s convinced admitting that I look like me would either break me or her. She seems to be choosing to bear the madness rather than inflicting it on me.

You lie.” I chuckle. “Otherwise, you would have wanted to see me whole if you care about me as much as you proclaim. Face and all.”

I… no, you’re, you.” Leomi chokes, tears falling from her eyes.

That’s hardly convincing.” I chortle, losing control of my own insanity for just a moment.

Oh, Liz. What have I done to you?” Leomi asks, her voice breaking. And there she is, refusing to face herself. Or, she’s genuinely worried about me.

Not a clue.” I giggle, placing my mask back on to give her some peace and let the seed I planted grow unhindered. After all, she might start to trust her eyes if I left my face bare for too long. “It would be difficult to separate that from what I’ve done to myself.” Which you are to partially blame for as well.

I thought I could get you to choose a path to heal… but it turns out, I‘m worse.” Leomi utters, now shaking from head to toes.

You’re so screwed up.” I murmur fondly, amazed that Leomi managed to convince herself that she’s seeing things instead of reality.

I, am.” Leomi swallows her saliva with difficulty, still adamant on disassociating us. Good. Bad.

I let myself drop next to her, pushing her to roll on her right side so I can run my fingers over the name I carved in her back’s flesh, enjoying how the ink spread out from the letters in an ominous looking cloudy black mist below the red lines in her skin. Leomi wiggles and shivers under my touch.

I wonder if she’d break if I told her the full truth right now. The goal isn’t to break her. It is, a little. No, my Lady must experience us, as I have. With that I agree, me.

What path?” I ask her, curious.

I, don’t know, anymore.” Leomi mutters, wrapping her arms around her chest, crying. “I thought talking, and getting you to find a path to help the Empire differently than you have would be the solution, but I… can’t even do that without… harming you.”

I pass my right arm between the pelt and her waist, pulling her to me. I assemble a quick air construct to grab one of the quality wool blankets and set it over us, hugging her tightly.

You’re a coward.” I harshly tell her. “About me, about her.”

Leomi bounces back, going from tears to anger, fighting my grip around her torso. I smile but don’t let her pull out of my grasp. Leomi wipes her eyes and sets her hands over mine.

You said that on purpose to get a rise out of me.” She rightfully accuses. “But do you mean it?” She asks.

I do.” I take a deep breath. “You see her in me because you want her but you stay with me, too afraid to commit to either of us. You say you’re protecting her from you, but from what I’ve seen of her and of you, I know it’s a cowardly excuse. You say we can’t last but the truth is that you don’t want us to work in case she frees you of the oath you took.”

I‘m supposed to be the one helping you.” Leomi whines, pushing to rest deeper into my arms, seeming to be seeking a safeguard.

You did.” I whisper in her ear. “It might not have gone as well as you hoped but I got to experience peace for a brief moment, it was enough to remind me about my goals. But you’re avoiding the conversation.”

I am, because you‘re the one who needs me right now.” Leomi shudders.

No.” I deny as firmly as I can, squeezing her torso. “You are because you can’t bear to face your contradictions. I wonder, how much did you project in me? How much of her, how much of you?”

W, what d, do you m, mean?” Leomi stutters, her voice shattering as she realizes there isn’t much safety to be found in my arms.

I think the mask allows you to see whatever you want in me.” I explain. “Which is why you don’t want me to take it off, the same way you don’t actually want to see what the Rykz did to me because it would shake your assumptions.”

I…” Leomi’s voice dies down before she can even get a word out.

You assumed I was strong enough to take what you gave out.” I accuse her. “You fucked me because you want to fuck her mindless down to your core. Because you want to be fucked in punishment for what you did to her.”

No. No.” Leomi forcefully denies, yet my sense allows me to watch the panic in her light gray eyes spread to her traits.

She tries to escape my grasp again, but this time frantically and with desperation. I firmly, forcefully, pinning her belly down on the bear pelt, reinforcing my tired muscles with a strengthening construct. I mount her, running my hands over my tattoo again.

Please, stop, talking.” Leomi begs.

What should I do then?” I ask, placing my mask next to her ear to whisper. “This, helps me. I’ve been mad at you on my behalf, on her behalf, for a long time now.”

I, want to be… taken.” Leomi mutters, face buried in the pelt. “Forgiven.

Then, why not ask for it instead of alluding to it?” I question, baffled that I’ve actually read her correctly.

Because, I can’t be forgiven, Liz. Not for what I did to her, not by you.” Leomi utters, voice breaking. “But I crave it, so much.”

Whatever punishment you receive, it won’t get you to forgive yourself. I know I haven’t, and you tried.” I tell her, sighing. “But it might let you get past this block you have, the one preventing you to commit to me.”

What, if that, block, is also what, stops me from going after, her? From harming her and you, Liz.” Leomi asks in fright.

How little of an opinion you have of us, of yourself.” I berate, angry. “I’ll return your words, accept yourself and change what you dislike. You’re not even following your own advice about letting go with me. If this is what you want, I’ll gladly give it to you. You’ll still have to settle your inner guilt with her, and I think you need to or you’ll never truly be mine. The fact you see her on my face is more than proof that what you’re doing isn’t working.”

I’m scared, Liz.” Leomi murmurs.

So was I.” I respond.

Yet, you told me to go through with it.” Leomi whispers.

It’s what trust is. I won’t take your virginity, do you trust me?” I ask.

Not, down to my core.” Leomi says, laughing sadly as she echoes my words. “But I have to admit, that I do.” She adds fearfully.

I find myself looking forward to what it’ll feel like to dominate her like she did me, especially since she seems even more afraid of what’s to come than I was. I edge back, releasing her as I throw the blanket away. She remains flat on the pelt, shaking. I take hold of her thighs and pull her up on all fours.

I want to have you now.” I tell her in a rough voice, caressing her hips as I grow excited. “The question is, do you want me to?”

I really don’t want to lose.” Leomi shudders. “But I need to, don’t I?”

I don’t care about winning that much, don’t think it even applies here.” I say, placing my left hand between her thighs to reward the Little one for listening to my desires and staying out of it. “Take that nightgown off.” I tell her.

As Leomi rises up to her knees to do so, I run my gloved fingers over her sex, finding it slightly moist. She flinches but keeps slipping the piece of cloth off. I take hold of her right breast with my right hand and gently massage it.

I also start massaging her flower, brushing her thin petals, stimulating her bud by alternating between flicking it and pulling on it, letting the Little one greedily absorb her mounting desire. I find that my excitement rises as hers does but remains manageable and focused on taking her.

Why, go there, if you’re going, to sodomise me?” Leomi pants, biting the inside of her cheeks.

Because I want you to struggle.” I whisper. “Get me that belt, use flow.”

Leomi takes a deep breath and shapes an air construct, sending it to the belt to recover it. She’s much slower at doing so than I have been. I wonder if it’s because she’s too excited or because, like Vikiana said, I have a talent for it. I pinch her nipple just she brings the belt closer. I let her go and catch the belt as her construct shatters.

Uhm.” Leomi gasps, failing to hide the pleasure she took from the pain.

Hm, so you do enjoy it, just not all the time.” I mutter.

Liz.” Leomi protests.

On all fours, Leomi.” I reply.

She falls on her hands, apprehension clear on her face as I take my time to fasten the belt around my waist. I shiver as I pass the middle strap between my thighs, pressing the small bulb against my clitoris.

I feel the leather strap pressing against my sex and my lustful fluids mixing with those she left there. I use her desire to lubricate the polished rod in the same way she used mine and then split her chiseled butt-cheeks, guiding the round metal tip to lay it over her small fragile-looking anus.

I’m going to fuck you now.” I whisper. “I need you to ask me to.”

Liz, just, go through with it.” Leomi replies tensely.

Ask for it.” I firmly demand despite how much I want to start.

Please, fuck me as hard as you can.” Leomi demands in a forced tone, her voice filled with shame.

I push with my hips, gaze turned down to her ring of flesh as the two centimeters in diameter polished rod distends her anus beyond what it seems like it should be able to. Leomi’s eyes widen in panic, her expression twisting in agony.

Huk.” She chokes in pain.

Tears start running down her cheeks as I keep the pressure up with my hips. I lay my left hand on her backside, affirming my domination of her. A flash of anger twists her lips, revealing her grit teeth, yet she clenches her fists without fighting back or demanding I stop.

You might think like you got over your position as a Noble when you took the burden and task to bring equality.” I murmur, thrusting the rod deeper into her, to the half-way point.

Ah!” Leomi cries out.

But, somewhere buried inside you, you still position yourself above others.” I declare, relishing her inability to talk back. “This shame you so obviously feel for being taken, the demand you had that I kneel for you. These two prove that you are not entirely committed to your own ideals.”

Leomi opens her mouth, likely to deny my assertion. I take a deep breath and use my hold on her backside to fully penetrate her, sliding the rod all the way until it hits the fleshly wall inside of her.

Ihk!” Leomi yelps.

She almost falls forward but I manage to catch her by swinging my right arm around her belly and pull her upright against my torso, which allows the round tip to go her even deeper into her. As we shift position, the small bulb gratifyingly brushes against my clitoris.

Oh, fuck.” Leomi shudders in pain. “You’re, filling me up, Liz.”

You’re no lesser than I am for this, my love.” I whisper in her ear, making my voice vibrate against my mask.

But, it feels, like I am.” She mutters. “How, did you take this, without crying?”

Well, I’m quite certain I enjoy pain more than you do.” I admit.

You’re, probably right about, my hangups.” She tells me, still looking ashamed.

I’m going to keep going now.” I tell her.

W, wait.” She pleads, eyes widening. “Go, slow, ly.”

You can pleasure yourself while I take you, but I’m going to focus on my own enjoyment like you have. Is that alright?” I ask.

O, okay.” Leomi nods with difficulty. “You’re, better, at this, than I was.”

We suit each other.” I mutter, remembering how much I enjoyed what she did to me, the way she did it.

I bend my knees to slowly pull the rod back, giving her gradual release. Leomi’s jaw quivers and she closes her eyes, her slender fingers running down to her intimacy to start caressing it, guided by instinct more than will. I seize both her breasts, the small mounds fitting perfectly inside my palms.

Her fingers’ movements grow faster as the pressure of the rod inside her fades, I don’t let myself go but I can’t let her get off yet either, so I rise back up, thrusting hard with my hips, feeling deep satisfaction from the act and pleasure from the small bulb pushing at my hard clitoris. Leomi’s slender fingers freeze over her sex and her eyelid suddenly open.

Argh!” She cries out from the pain my penetrating causes.

I shift back and thrust at her again but this time with my whole body, breathing roughly as I squeeze her breasts, dominating her, penetrating her with my entire being. Leomi jumps up a bit as my thighs hit her butt.

Take me, Elizabeth!” Leomi whispers, losing control of herself.

You’re, magnificent like this.” I whisper, returning the compliment.

She starts voluntarily jerking her flower’s bud in a rough manner. I sense the inside of her sex quiver along with an exulting victorious echo coming from the Little one. She no longer seems able to just naturally go along, she is now forcefully masturbating herself, squeezing her petals between her phalanxes.

I pull back and shove the rod deep into her anus again, grunting in contentment as a small squeal escapes my Lady’s throat, originating in agony, both physical and mental. I keep going without stopping.

Gh, gh.” Leomi groans between grit teeth every time I ram the stiff metal rod in her.

Rhhaaa.” I exult in joy, letting go of her breasts to spread my arms out.

Leomi falls on her right hand, panting to catch her breath but still masturbating with her left. I use only my thighs to guide her, shifting the rod’s angles left and right as I focus on my pleasuring my bud with the small mound.

Remain like this, don’t fall.” I order her.

Y, yes, Liz.” Leomi mutters in a submissive voice.

Her tone and words rumble inside of my chest, boosting my confidence. I force her to move in rhythm with my left and right thrusts, feeling my own pleasure build up as my satisfaction in dominating her reaches a peak.

She seems to be getting close too so I rise up a bit to angle the rod downwards inside her, running the tip along the partition of flesh to indirectly stimulate her vagina while I penetrate her, commanding the moment at which she’ll come.

Uh.” Leomi grunts. “Ih!” She wails as her head and back arch backward. “Ah.” She exhales, her jaw dropping along with her left hand as she gets off. Her eyes reverse as her flower dances along with the waves of bliss going through her.

I experience a rush of primal pleasure and joy like none I’ve ever experienced before. My intimacy quakes inside and out, filling me with deep ecstasy, enhanced by the leather strap fastened between my legs which presses against my sex’ folds.

Please keep going, Liz. Finish me off.” Leomi begs, two tiny tears falling from her eyes, rolling along her relieved traits. “I’ve, never felt so free.”

I acquiesce to her request, both because she wants it and because I want to extend my own pleasure as long as I can. I shift back, ignoring my exhaustion to start making love to her. I gently slide the rod into her, stopping before it hits the edge to then slowly slide it down to indirectly massage the inside of her sex.

Oh, wow.” I mutter as a spike of sharp felicity seizes my heart.

Hrm.” Leomi exhales, her chiseled body shifting in waves along the pleasure I give it.

I retreat, shoving her along the downward slope of her pleasure as mine fades. Her tight ass moving in reaction to my hips’ guidance. I pass my right hand around her waist and start caressing her muscular stomach as I penetrate her again, feeling her muscles tense up.

She shudders, her elbows and knees trembling as she keeps making the effort to remain in this position, like I commanded she did. I gently push the polished metal cock further inside of her and press on her back so that she drops on her belly.

I needed this.” Leomi utters as she lands, her words interrupted by another of my thrusts. “So much. I’ve been, teetering on the edge of losing myself, because I couldn’t handle, what I’d done or what I kept doing to you, imposing my will.”

I like it, when you try.” I whisper. “When I lose, when I win. I just want you.” I pull back.

Good, to know.” Leomi mutters, apprehensively biting her lower lip. “I, don’t think, I can take, much more.”

One, last.” I utter, my hips panging from the effort.

Go.” Leomi murmurs.

I use my entire body to lovingly penetrate her, taking her in full. Leomi breathes out as I do, her arms and legs losing all strength. She crumbles in exhaustion. The waves of pleasure crashing into me finally end, replaced by a quiet peace.

I don’t let my fatigue get the better of me and use my left hand to unfasten the belt as my right hand is stuck under her. I shift to her side before taking hold of the base of the metal rod to carefully pull it out of her. Leomi doesn’t move as I do, sprawled on the bear pelt, entirely spent.

Muh.” She cutely moans as the tip slips out of her anus. “You’re, way too good, at whatever, this is.”

I kind of did to you, what you did to me, so you’re complimenting yourself.” I reply, panting. “Although, I get why, you thought this would be, immoral.”

I throw the belt aside and use my right hand to pull her to me. Leomi melds into my arms, pressing her ass against my lower stomach. I use her upper arm to shift my mask aside and stretch out to depose a passionate kiss on the pit of her neck.

My ass really hurts.” Leomi complains.

Is that why you’re pressing it on me?” I ask, smiling in amusement.

Yes, could you please hold me tight, Liz.” Leomi wishes at me in a fragile voice with trembling lips.

I pass my left arm around her to take hold of her right breast and then shift my right hand down to place my palm over her flower, finding that it’s hot to the touch, but also moist and sticky. I secure my hold on her, and Leomi loses all tension.

I feel my heart melt as my Lady surrenders herself to me like so. I even experience the pull to find out what face she’ll make if I rebuke her now. It isn’t so strong that I would consider it but maybe I would have if that was all I could allow myself to have of her. It confirms to me how alike the two of us have become, or perhaps always been deep down, or how we twisted each other.

You feel amazing.” I tell her, shifting my middle finger to slide it between her two wet and delicate inner petals.

You did, too.” Leomi tells me, sighing in contentment.

I think, I’m done, for the night.” I sigh, resting my head on the bear pelt and setting my mask back in place.

I’m pretty sure we both are, yet also want to keep going.” Leomi whispers.

She closes her eyelids over her light gray abyssal eyes. I do as well, securing my holds over her, she rests over hands over mine. The two of us counting on the other’s warmth to make it through the cold night.

With Celyz, I could keep going… “Forever.”

— — —

– Arc 05 End –

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