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Leomi slides the rod almost all the way out, provoking an intense feeling of release before thrusting it back all the way in without pause, I cannot even find the air to cry out.

Mmph.” She exhales.

She continues the cycle, pressing on my backside with her hand as she thrusts in and out of me with her hips. My legs weaken from the melding of physical pain and mental oppression followed by a blissful liberation.

Her waist hits my ass, making me shift forward. She pulls away, and then penetrates me again, this time angling her rod downward to press against the fleshly separation, stimulating the inside of my sex.

How do you, feel about my thighs, now?” She asks in a hoarse voice.

As long as she doesn’t stop, fucking me, I’ll keep feeling good, bad, in pain, without burden. The release, means I’m justified in trusting her. She moves her hips back until the rod’s tip lies just at my anus’ edge, putting me on the brink of ecstasy.

Best, ever.” I reply, my words sounding almost like a moan. “But, why aren’t you touching me, down there? It would be, taking control.”

It would be different if you weren’t who you are.” Leomi groans, slowly plunging her metal cock back in.

Ugh.” I grunt.

But you being you.” She pauses. “Means, it would let you prioritize your pleasure over mine. Which I can’t allow, you need to lose.” Leomi punctuates her sentence with a hard thrust. “Uhm.” She exhales in satisfaction.

The pain as she fills me up to the brim triggers a disquieting felicity. I trust her, I let it take over and surrender. My elbow and knees give out. I fall forward on my belly, my left arm alone insufficient to hold me, which makes the rod slide away, intensifying my agonizing pleasure.

Leomi follows, laying over me, her breasts pressing against my shoulders. She keeps pounding at me but slower, her eyes closed as she experiences bliss of her own.

Her every thrust reinforces our enjoyment but never brings me to a climax while she seems to be getting closer and closer. Leomi rests her trembling jaw on top of my head and pulls her waist back.

Uh, uh.” I gasp, brought to the very edge once again.

You’ve lost.” Leomi whispers.

Leomi uses only her hips to thrust the rod into me, fully penetrating me in one go. My back arcs along with hers but I feel a deep sense of defeat while she lets out a long ecstatic moan. An irrational panic arises as I witness her dropping her guard while I’m unarmed and held down, a deep fear for our lives.

I try to get out from under her but the fact that I’m unwilling to harm her makes it difficult. Leomi’s flower is quaking from within, yet she still has the presence of mind to grab my wrists and pin them down to the bear pelt.

Let, me, out.” I beg. “I need to protect you.

From, what, Liz?” She asks.

Danger!” I cry out.

Shh.” She shifts to blow in my left ear. “You’re safe.”

Leomi pulls the rod out, her legs and arms trembling. I choke a gulp of air in. She lets herself fall to my right, rolling on her back as her pleasure rescinds. I perk up, scanning the tent, but she grabs my elbow.

Take the, belt off, and join me, Liz.” Leomi orders.

I blink, worried and feeling my resentment of her build up. A small voice in me reminds me that I gave her my word to trust her. I swiftly unstrap the belt, using my sense to keep watch on my weapon and our surroundings.

Mount me.” Leomi demands, seeming exhausted as she pulls her nightgown up to her belly. “Pick my leg up, set it on your shoulder.” Leomi instructs in a soft but firm tone.

I slowly fall back into the trance she had me in so far. I grab her right leg, wrapping my left arm around it to set it on my left shoulder and against my neck, the sight of her split thighs awakens something primal in me.

Pull me in.” Leomi whispers.

I place my right hand on her waist and use my hold along with the one I have on her leg to pull her in. Her sex’ folds, likely even more sensitive and delicate from coming, intertwine with mine. I tremble from top to bottom as my instincts try to take over.

Let yourself, go.” Leomi orders.

I use my hips, my back, and my knees to thrust my sex at hers. An animalistic cry escapes my lips as I experience a primal pleasure. Leomi flinches, showing pain. I freeze, my guilt rising anew.

Keep, going, Liz. Do not, stop.” Leomi mutters, her voice broken by gasps.

I just, let go. My waist moves on its own, shifting back and forth to grind our flowers together. I feel her tiny petals brushing up and down my sex, provoking an indescribable feeling of bliss.

I acce, pt you, as you, are.” Leomi stutters. “Accept yourself.”

The words pass through me, engraving themselves in my mind. I want her to want me. I gently reach out to take hold of her perfect round breasts, massaging them as I use her expressions to guide my rhythm.

I don’t let her recover her breath, every time she seems like she does, I accelerate. I witness her desire emerging again, feeling her sex lubricate mine as mine hers.

I experience immense gratification as she starts responding to me, using her position on the ground to push against me, her movements as instinctive as mine. I almost come from that alone but I push back, wanting us both to climax at the same time.

Leomi’s eyes close and her jaw falls as a quake goes through her entire body, climaxing for the second time. I let go, entirely. I lose every hold I have on myself, as a wave of ecstasy breaks through my emotional dams.

I fall on top of her, pleasure filling every pore of my being. My mind blanks out. I can’t see or sense anything, all I can feel is her sweaty flesh against mine, her drenched sex quivering along with mine.

Leomi passes her right arm behind my back, setting her hand between my thighs to slide her slender fingers in my wet folds. She caresses me, running her thumb around my erect bud, squeezing it between her phalanxes and then pulling on it. Beatitude raptures me, I lose my mind under her touch.

— — —

I awaken in her arms, my shoulder-blades resting against her breasts. Entirely naked if not for my sleeve glove and mask. She’s holding my clitoris with her left hand’s thumb and index while the same fingers on her right hand have hold of my nipple. Even the pangs of pain coming from my anus aren’t sufficient to shake the bliss I feel in her arms.

Ah, you’re present again.” Leomi notes, with a smile in her voice. “That was one amazing orgasm.”

I’m, exhausted.” I mumble.

So am I.” Leomi nods, her chin brushing against my left cheek. You’re still holding me upright while sitting. I chuckle, unable to help myself.

But I feel so light. Happy.” I add.

Hm.” Leomi hums with a bright smile. “I don’t want to dampen your mood but we need to talk now.”

Go ahead. The night, isn’t over so I still trust you.” I mumble.

You are better than I am to your core. How you acted after what I did to you proves it, Liz.” Leomi tells me.

It did, feel like punishment.” I groan, remembering the states of mind she made me go through as she took me.

That was me resolving some personal issues.” Leomi admits with a small grimace. “You did beat my mother.”

It’s, fine. I did like it in a way.” I grin. “I think, I needed to be taken that roughly.” Leomi’s body shivers, betraying how my words excite her.

How, um, did it feel?” Leomi asks carefully.

Why do you want to know?” I counter.

Well, I’m probably going to owe you a lot after tonight.” Leomi makes a grimace. “I’d like an advance account if you do it to me.”

Well, my anus still hurts.” I mutter. “Would you want me to?”

I’m, very curious now.” Leomi admits, somehow managing to blush. “If it could help me…” I sigh.

It wasn’t enough, Leomi.” I tell her. “I feel great right now, but that’s not going to last.”

Of course.” Leomi deposes a small kiss on my cheek. “Accept who you are and then you’ll be able to change what you want. It won’t be easy, it won’t be fast, but it’s possible and you have the will to go through with it. All I could ever do is support you and show you what I see in you.”

Oh.” I bite my lower lip. “I expected too much of you.”

Not your fault, I worded my proposal so that you would. I thought that raising your expectations would make you more likely to accept the lesser things I tell you.” Leomi explains.

You’re, definitely going to owe me a lot.” I giggle.

Well, not all that much.” Leomi hurriedly protests. “You’re no longer looking for your weapon, and I haven’t felt you shake or startle since I took you.”

Oh.” I pause. Did I shake? “Well, this entire thing was a mind fuck.” I grunt.

Honestly, it felt a bit like that when you held and took me at the end.” Leomi whispers in my ear. “You engulfed me and I melted under you.” She accompanies her words by briefly squeezing my nipple and clitoris. I jump up, experiencing an aftershock of pleasure.

Good to know.” I shiver. “Your reasoning was definitely tainted by your desires.”

Well, yes. More than I myself thought.” Leomi shifts uncomfortably. “So, um, how did it feel?”

It’s really hard to describe. It feels oppressive when it goes in, but at the same time it feels pretty good to be filled up. And when it comes out… it’s, just waw, the release of the pressure and the apprehension that it’s going to go back in. It’s hard to keep a straight mind.” I explain. Goosebumps appear on Leomi’s skin. “It is pretty painful either way.”

Ah.” Leomi’s traits droop a little. “You lubricated it pretty well, though.” She notes in a provocative tone.

Keep going and I’ll show you how it feels tonight.” I counter.

Let’s move on.” Leomi instantly replies. “You’re going to go through everything you did since you decided not to listen to my warning when you left on that ship.”

I, don’t think I should.” I shake my head, feeling my fears return like a pressure in my skull.

Bare yourself to me, tell me everything.” Leomi demands. “I swear I won’t judge you. You’re mine after all.”

She shifts her hands to grasp my right breast and sets her palm over my sex in two very possessive gestures. I meld into her grips, sighing in contentment, surprised that I don’t feel like I’m surrendering anything to her as I do.

What do you know?” I ask.

Consider that I know everything but that I want to hear it from your mouth. It should dissuade you from lying while letting you evacuate it all.” Leomi replies.

I…” I pause, knowing that protesting isn’t going to work out. “I thought your warning wasn’t really important, I was aware it could be a trap to begin with but I overestimated myself and underestimated your mother.”

And Jessica likely didn’t trust me.” Leomi mutters sadly. I bristle, angry that she could mention her in my presence. “Oh, quiet down. We both make each other jealous.” She tightens her grips on my sex and breast. “But we belong to each other, right now.” Her words soothe me but my anger doesn’t go away, her mention of ‘right now‘ makes it impossible for it to vanish.

Are you doing that on purpose?” I ask.

A little.” Leomi admits with a sigh, kissing my cheek again. I take a deep breath to continue.

When Odo’s ships pursued us, I arrogantly went to sleep without preparing when I could have spent time trying to ask for opinions about how a naval battle would go. I counted too much on the Rykz to protect us, they all died as a result.” I say, saddened but finding that she was right, evacuating this is making it easier to bear my guilt. “Jessica and I split there, I boarded the ships and fought your mother. I know she wasn’t captured because I was and I know she didn’t die because she was still on our ship when it retreated. I assume she didn’t remain because you don’t know what happened to her either but it’s safe to say she lived. Happy?” I groan.

No.” Leomi frowns. “Two questions. Did the Rykz tell you anything about her whereabouts?”

I won’t be discussing her further.” I firmly reply.

F, fair.” Leomi admits as she plunges her right hand’s nails in my torso. I shiver, enjoying the slight pain. “You fought Mother on the ship. What, by the Lake, was she trying to do?”

Capture another Princess and use that to force the Rykz out of Caeviel.” I reply. “You warned me, why ask?”

I guessed, but I couldn’t be sure.” Leomi groans. “It was stupid, who knows how they would have reacted to that? Especially with the Rykz pressuring the Empire’s eastern border. It would have been wiser to help you deescalate since the Rykz’ plan to invade the Izla’s didn’t go according to plan.”

What do you mean?” I ask.

Well, the Rykz wanted to pressure the Empire in the east while invading Caeviel, which was meant to force the Emperor to send phalanxes here. But, Cenwalh could gather an army in time, meaning the Rykz’ plan failed so Mother should have realized the Rykz would be more likely to agree to peace.”

She could have reached the same conclusion and determined that capturing another Princess would do the trick.” I counter.

I suppose, it’s a matter of point of view.” Leomi admits. “She has always been for direct action. Still, I think it would have resulted in the Rykz deciding to go all out here and in the east.”

Well, at the time we didn’t know that the Rykz were gathering an army in the east.” I explain.

Good point. So, who won that fight?” She questions.

She did.” I gripe. “She cheated by being better at fighting.”

Indeed, she does that.” Leomi chuckles.
“We were both holding back, to be honest, and she had help.” I note.

So, Mother captured you before I did.” Leomi says, opening her mouth to nibble at my shoulder.

Rrr.” I purr, basking in her warmth.

What happened next?” She asks.

It’s, complicated.” I mutter, pushing the memories away.

Shh, I’m right here.” Leomi reassures me. “If you feel like it won’t help to talk about it, don’t.”

I’d rather not.” I admit, feeling shameful about my cowardice but relieved that she isn’t pushing the matter.

Do you mind if I keep holding you like this?” She asks, releasing my flower and breast for a moment before firmly taking hold of them again.

Don’t, I love it.” I grin, feeling her slender fingers settle within my petals.

Good, it makes me feel at peace.” Leomi sighs. “Continue.”

Bad stuff happened, I lashed out.” I say. “I didn’t lose control but I killed Odo in a cruel way. He deserved it but I can’t help but think Grace had a point about justice.”

You’re going too fast.” Leomi tells me.

I’ll, go back to everything when we lie down, but I think I should just evacuate this.” I reply, reaching to touch her cheek with my right hand.

Okay.” She agrees.

I, just… I kept going towards my goal. I didn’t let anything stop me, I couldn’t even let myself backtrack. And, it feels like, at some point, it became the entire goal to keep going. Even now, I still have this pressure at the back of my mind, telling me that I should be doing more, that there’s danger in the shadows. It’s, easier than before, but…” I pause. “I don’t know, I don’t feel any satisfaction or relief and I’m realizing that I won’t feel any even if the Rykz retreat in the morning.”

Too much guilt.” Leomi mutters. “You threw yourself into this while thinking that lives are equivalent. They are, but you need to separate that from the choices people make, the sides they choose to be on.”
“Guilt isn’t the issue.” I gripe, using my right shoulder to shove her back a bit. “I learned not to feel too guilty about taking down those who try to kill me but now I don’t even feel much about other people’s deaths anymore and that makes me feel worse. That’s the problem.” I continue, feeling a knot form in my throat.

That’s guilt too.” Leomi tells me in a soft voice. “You need to rest, process everything and come to terms.”

What do you know?” I say, almost tearing myself away from her. She secures her hold and pulls me back, depositing a dozen kisses in my neck. “Leomi, I need more than words.” I desperately plead.

I don’t know, Liz. I’ve never been through what you have but I do know guilt and pain.” Leomi admits, looking torn. “All I know to do is be here for you.”

Yet, at least half of what you do is for yourself.” I accuse, my temper rising.
“It is.” Leomi whispers without a shred of guilt. “I am a selfish woman in some ways but I don’t think I am being selfish by taking the comfort I need from you while you have yours through me. Perhaps, I’m entirely wrong, that my desires aren’t what you need, or the reverse. I don’t think it matters if it works for us both, does it?” She asks.

I don’t know.” I mutter. “It doesn’t feel right, a relationship should be…” My voice dies down.

Ours is give and take.” Leomi sighs, her eyes looking to the tent’s ceiling. “I told you, it can’t last. I’m letting myself go with you, like I’ve pushed you to. It’s not healthy but it allowed me to heal. Which is why I won’t betray you, ever, Liz. I’ll always have time for you, this I promise.”

No. No, no. That’s, not… what I want for Elizabeth, that’s for Jessica! I tear myself from her grip. She held me so tightly that her nails leave burning furrows on my breast and sex’s flesh.

My heart beats in despair from my own deceptions, in fury because of the gall she has to sleep with me while she never leaves her mind. I flip around. The Little one’s hand flashes out and grabs her by the throat, pinning her down against the bear pelt.

Leomi doesn’t fight back, she looks confused but not frightened. She should be. I placate my symbiont, making it understand that this is between us and her, not it. It bristles, emitting its desire to protect me… no, its host.

I impress on it that the danger is one I chose myself and then smother our communications to focus on my Lady. Leomi reaches out to my cheek with her right hand, pointedly avoiding my mask.

Don’t blame me for your struggles.” She whispers. “I knew you after you agreed to the Rykz’ deal. Humans with as much drive to help as you do, they don’t do what you have. They’ve messed with your mind, not I.”

Ha. Hahahaha.” I giggle.

Leomi’s eyebrows twist as she grows concerned by my reaction. I tighten my grip on her throat, trying to figure out whether she’ll react in fear. She serenely holds my gaze. I swallow my saliva and release her.

I, know… kh.” She coughs. “That you can’t use the trust I’ve demanded of you tonight to listen. But you need to consider demanding that the Rykz remove that… plant they’ve buried in your chest. It might help manage the pain you feel from your burns but, from what I’ve seen, it cannot be good for you.” Leomi adamantly presses. “Please, just consider talking to your sister, she likely refused for good reasons.”

She isn’t my sister!” I roar, pulling my left hand from her throat in fear that I’ll do something terrible in anger. I sit on her belly, caring little about where or how she reached this odd conclusion of hers. All I care is for her to…Stop, bringing her up.

You want to compete, Liz? Get rid of this Rykz abomination!” Leomi snaps. “This is why you can’t be…” She bites her own tongue, paling in regret.

I can almost see her thought process. She instinctively tried to use my jealousy to push me to abandon something doing me harm but then realized that her insane lover might strike out against her true love. She came so close to saying that my symbiont is why I can’t be like Jessica.

I’m, so sorry, Liz.” Leomi utters. “I shouldn’t have…”

Why, would it work? I interrupt her, feeling dizzy as a ludicrous and frightening idea forms in my mind. “You see her in me, even though I barely look or act like she does!” Anymore.

What?” Leomi blinks.

You want me to be more like her because you can’t bear to do to her what you do to me.” I accuse, furious because it means she might never go back to me, Jessica, because of me, Elizabeth. “You don’t love me. You want her so bad that you see her face on mine. The only reason for that is because you wanted me to be her from the very beginning. How much do you think that messes with my mind?”

Wh, what are you saying?” Leomi stutters. “You, don’t, look like, her?”

Look like her?” I giggle madly, gathering my courage as I reach up to my mask.

I’m counting on Leomi’s own madness and the darkness to do some of my revenge’s work for me, to twist her. Let everything crash down in ruins now, or continue down an even more ruinous path that we’ll share. I pull the mask off, leaning in to give her a close look at the face beneath, mine, hers, Jessica’s.

I am her in your view, aren’t I?” I ask.

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