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Leomi’s touch, her caresses go from fast to slow, from soft to strong, each of them eroding my will to resist her. She remains focused exclusively on my ass. I settle on the bear pelt, letting myself fall into comfort. I know it isn’t a good idea to allow her any degree of freedom over me but I want to let go so much that I ignore the warning bells ringing in my mind.

Leomi closes her eyes, entirely focusing on what she feels and recovering a regular breathing cycle. For anyone else, it would be a sign that they’re calming down but for her, and in this situation… I think it more likely she’s setting her mind on something, pushing back her misgivings and embarrassment.

Shh, Liz, relax.” She whispers.

I’m, going to need to, center myself after what you… did to me.” I reply with difficulty.

Okay.” She replies, more an acknowledgment of my response than any kind of agreement. “You were worse before I did it.”

That… can’t be.” I murmur.

How’s your… ass?” She asks, her slender fingers’ nails digging into my butt-cheeks.

Hm. Better now.” I sigh.

You want me to give you a moment or keep going?” She asks.

I want to see you out of that bloody shirt.” I respond in as firm a tone as I can.

Good idea.” Leomi says, her eyelids opening.

She starts getting up, gaze focused on the future. As soon as she releases my knees, I flip around, using my left leg like a hook to push her back down on the bear pelt. Leomi goes with it, not entirely by choice considering she didn’t appear to see it coming.

She lands on her palms while I settle on my back. I grab her right shoulder with my left hand and make her roll over me, wrapping my legs around her waist and my arms around her belly. Leomi could have fought it all, but she was too set on something else.

Why can’t you just go along.” She complains.

That’s not how we work, Lance.” I murmur in her ear. “I’d like to settle one, little, thing, before we continue.”

W, what?” She asks, a little worried.

I said no outside.” I reply.

But I listened, I held back.” Leomi frowns, letting her head fall back on my shoulder.

Y, ou did?” I blink.

I had plenty of options to toy with you without exposing anything to others. You’re, so much more naive, than I thought.” Leomi utters, shivering in excitement at her realization.

I feel vexed at the remark, like I just lost three bouts in one go. I take hold of the front of her shirt and start pulling up. Leomi rests her cheek against my mask while her hands reach back to slip between the bear pelt and my ass.

You’re, way too focused on that.” I complain.

Someone, suggested it as… an alternative for us.” Leomi mutters.

Who?” I frown, slowly pulling her shirt off so that the cloth brushes against her erect nipples.

Yvonne.” Leomi bites her quivering lower lip.

Tainting my pure Lance with her wicked ideas.” I groan, eminently satisfied by Leomi’s state.

Quickly take it off.” Leomi pleads. “And yours too. I want to feel you against my skin.”

No.” I deny, entirely baffled by my own self-control, pushing away the nagging suspicion that it isn’t maturity on my part, but fear.

Liz…” She starts.

The hem of her shirt catches on her nipples, just a little, but it’s enough to make Leomi forget her words and arc backward against me in pleasure. She’s so sensitive. It’s not the first time I notice this.

I feel some jealousy and anger because not only do I need more now but because she definitely got a lot out of Jessica when they slept together in the Rykz’ Hive without ever admitting it. She said I brought her comfort, that’s was a damn euphemism if not a straight up lie. I throw the shirt away and gently grab her right nipple in my thumb and index.

Aah.” Leomi moans.

I tremble at the sound, caught entirely by surprise despite that it’s clear my moves were getting her going. I have trouble accepting that I can have this kind of effect on her. I can tell that I’m also ready, physically, yet I should be more excited than this.

Her position, breasts pushing up, hands reaching back to hold my ass, make it seem like she’s giving herself to me. I reach down towards her thighs with my left hand, which is gloved in bloody leather, very much aware of her mounting desire.

Will you be able to stop me?” I whisper in her ear.

Wai…” I roll her nipple between my fingers, breaking her response. “Uhm.” She gasps between parted lips, her eyes half-closed

My symbiont’s fingers slip inside her pants and panties. I assert absolute control over my limb, suppressing the Little one. I may be threatening her virginity but I will not risk an accident as it belongs to Jessica.

Say no if you don’t want me to.” I tell Leomi at the same time as I split my index and major to run them down on either side of her wet slit.

Iawa.” Leomi garbles, quivering in pleasure at the simple promise of ecstasy.

Unknown. I’ll take, it as permission.” I say, my breath catching.

Her fingers clench on my ass. A signal I take as a warning and respond to it by resting more weight on my behind to pin her hands. I extend my left thumb out and place it at the base of her sex.

Leomi struggles, feeling the threat to her virginity, but not quite enough to physically overpower me. What’s more significant is the unstructured flow she’s starting to expel. My symbiont pulses at me, I decide to grant the Little one its, relatively, tame desire before this goes sideways.

A slight push is enough to get my thumb between her two folds and start splitting her slit from bottom to top, releasing her liquid desire which trickles over the glove for the Little one to absorb, devour.

Uh, uhoh.” Leomi gasps, evidently hung on the edge of her lust.

It gets very difficult to resist masturbating her. The reason I’m able to resist is, I think, that this isn’t my hand and that the shocks going through her body occur at about the same rate as the Little one’s tendrils pulse in satisfaction.

What does she taste like? I ask the Little one. It responds with something akin to ‘delicious’, which doesn’t tell me a thing. I decide to avoid her clitoris, pulling the thumb away.

Leomi suddenly tries to smack the back of her head into my mask. I pull back before she can hit, which allows her to break free and rush away from me on her knees. She places her left forearm over her nipples as she turns to face me.

I, w, win.” Leomi proclaims.

I wasn’t about to take your virginity.” I shake my head, feeling dizzy about what I just did.

Be, cause, you got, scared.” She stutters.

You’re literally still shaking in lust.” I comment, laughing as she slips her right hand inside her pants. “How do you call that a win?”

Leomi throws me a defiant look, an incredible show of will considering her state. She uses her slender fingers to close her slit, useless considering it did so naturally once I pulled away. And even harmful to her goal of regaining control considering that she now seems unable to pull away.

Go on, masturbate for Elizabeth Vil.” I whisper in a sultry tone, majestically raising to rest on a single elbow with my left arm resting on one of my knees.

Her thumb twitches at my seductive words and posture, making the finger’s base brush against her bud. Leomi crumbles like she just got hit with a bolt of lightning, her ass lands on her heels and her left arm falls away, revealing her cute nipples and sweet breasts.

Luckily for her, or not depending on the point of view, the wave of electrifying pleasure she felt made her pull her hand away from her sex like it was touching fire. Her light gray irises wander to the tent’s roof, half-hidden by her eyelids. Her left hand reaches up to the small scar above her left breast, an unconscious move if I’ve ever seen one.

Oh, waw.” I involuntarily exclaim. “This is my win, don’t think you can deny it, can you?”

N, no, can’t.” Leomi mutters.

Undress, I want to see you naked as my prize.” I command, feeling odd about how much I’m enjoying this and knowing that it’ll never be something I can achieve again once I no longer share a body with the Little one. “Say, yes.”

Yes, Liz.” Leomi says, biting the inside of her cheek.

My breath catches at her response. I run my tongue over my lips, tasting a new kind of power. She doesn’t immediately obey, taking quite a while to regain control of herself. I don’t hurry her, enjoying the view of her bare chest, even more so as she appears to want to conceal herself.

She slowly unfastens her uniform’s belt and pulls it out. I smile to encourage her. Leomi gracefully lowers her chin and unbuttons her pants, pulling them down and revealing a black pair of panties. She raises one knee after the other to slip them off.

Hmm.” I exhale. “You only bear the scars I’ve left on you.”

I do.” Leomi acknowledges between two short breaths.

She moves closer to me on her knees, stopping once her waist is at the level of my head. I gaze down to admire her belly’s chiseled muscles, resisting the pull of her breasts as that is exactly what she’s tempting me with.

Take that, off.” I order, flicking my gaze down to her panties.

By your will, Elizabeth.” Leomi answers deferentially, showing off how much control she’s already regained.

She reaches down and slowly slips them off. I follow, my eyes fixed on the sight being revealed to me. Her pubic hairs are sparser than I thought, black as night with bronze flesh clearly visible beneath.

She pauses, her stomach making a small wave. I read that as a reflection of her desire and timidity. I reach out with my right hand and caress her lower-stomach, running my fingers through her pubes to reassure her.

It seems to work as Leomi finishes pulling her underwear down, she even hangs back to push her waist forward and offer me the vision I demanded, exposing herself fully to my gaze. Her expression is one of determined abandon, gaze firm but lips split from desire.

Her intimacy is a little smaller than mine, obviously tighter. Her outer lips cover her inner ones almost entirely, only her flower’s bud pokes out. I gasp, feeling an aftershock of pleasure from the mere sight of her.

You’re the most beautiful being, I’ve ever seen.” I tell her.

I see her sex quiver and moisten before my very eyes. She isn’t as wet as she was a short while ago, much of her desire having been absorbed by the cloth of her panties, but she’s getting there. My right hand starts moving down on its own, guided by pure instinct.

No touching.” Leomi Lance begs in a fragile voice.

Her words make my close my fist so tightly that my tips and the inside of my palm hurt. Despite her fears and frailty, she remains as she is, entirely exposing every detail of herself to my inquisitive eyes.

Why do this, Leomi?” I ask, my love for her reinforced.

Because you wanted me to, Liz. Because I lost.” She whispers. “Because I can feel how much you’re hurting inside.”

I’m not.” I lie.

Can I, rest?” She asks.

In a, moment.” I reply, mouth dry.

I tear my eyes away from the temptation that I’m only able to resist touching because my Lady forbid it. Her thighs’ muscles are clenched, they have to be for her to maintain this pose, she’s holding her hands behind her back, likely to prevent herself from denying me my prize.

You can rest.” I allow.

She loses her tension all at once, falling into a sitting position over my thighs. I pass my arms around her back and pull her into a hug. She lets me, sighing like she’d been holding her breath for hours. We remain like this, giving each other the opportunity to cool down.

I deserved that.” Leomi whispers in my ear, her heart beating so fast I have trouble distinguishing each beat despite feeling it with my hands on her back. “And I liked it, but I’m worried about you.” She adds.

You, gave me so much, just now.” I choke as I feel an acute pang in my chest. “What would reassure you?”

Let me find out what frightens you so much that you’re unable to fully be with me.” Leomi pleads, wrapping her arms around my back as I have around hers.

I…” I start but she silences me by squeezing the air out of my lungs.

Don’t lie.” She orders me in a gentle tone.

I, I’m sorry.” I stutter. “I, don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

I didn’t feel like this at all flirting with Celyz. I smother the treacherous, unfair, thought, I wasn’t entirely at ease either. The difference is in their personalities. Which I both unequally relish, depending on the situation.

I, was told that, I’ll get over it soon.” I mutter reassuringly.

Who told you that crap?” Leomi asks angrily, pulling her torso back to look me in the eyes. Her gaze catches me, stopping me from looking down.

Fenyz.” I answer.

I don’t know what you went through.” Lance says, chasing her anger for the Rykz to focus on me. “But you need more than time.”

I, do I?” I question, shaken.

Yes.” Leomi affirms in a painful voice. “I thought that sex would do it, but you obviously need more. You need to let it all out.”

Shameless Countess.” I awkwardly tease, trying to escape the conversation.

I’ve gone past embarrassment a while back. It’ll come crashing down tomorrow.” Leomi mutters, looking apprehensive. She, unfortunately, shakes her head and focuses back on me. “The question is, do you trust me?”

I don’t.” I say, realizing that it’s a lie. “No, I do but, I don’t. It’s…” I hesitate.

Shh. I get it, it’s okay.” Leomi smiles despite the guilty sadness in her light gray abyss. “I’ll try to explain myself as best I can tonight. Is that alright?” She asks.

I, think so.” I nod, taking a sneak peak at her peaks.

Leomi takes a deep breath, pushing her breasts against my shirt of Vuskyt mail. I immediately rip that away from my shoulders and throw it aside to make my chest more comfortable for her. She knows exactly what she’s doing, I wasn’t sneaky in any way.

I’m going to change.” She suddenly says.

You‘re perfection without anything on.” I reply, gripping at her.

Leomi takes a sharp breath in and pulls me in a tight hug again. We remain like this for a long while. Once I’ve settled, she slowly takes hold of my wrists to set them aside.

We need to lighten the mood a bit, Liz.” She gives me a gentle smile. “For me to slowly take control of the night without putting you on edge. Is that alright?”

I don’t know.” I honestly admit. “I just want to be with you.”

And you are.” She says, running her slender fingers over the left side of my head to push one of my locks of hair behind my ear.

I don’t know what she’s planning, I want to try but it’s hard to leave myself in her hands, harder than it was to… Crack. I hear a neck snapping, briefly seeing a pair of frothy lips. I propel her away from me and pull my knees to my chest, wrapping my arms tightly around my legs.

Leomi falls heavily on her shoulders, completely taken by surprise. I try to formulate an apology but I can barely contain the despair and guilt wrapping around my heart. Lance’s eyes widen as they meet my own. She gets back up and rushes me.

I reflexively reach out to my liangi, not because I feel that she’s a threat but because the urgency and fear in her eyes must signify that there is danger nearby. She suddenly accelerates, crashing into me a second sooner than she should have. My back hits the bear pelt but my right hand manages to grip my weapon’s handle.

Before I can think of any way to push her away, she mounts me. Her hands fall on my wrists and she pushes my mask aside with her chin to press her lips on mine. I freeze. She pulls my left wrist to her chest, pressing it against her breast.

I keep scanning for threats but find myself doubting the reality of it with Leomi pushing herself on me like this. I meld into the feeling of her, letting go of my weapon to let her guide my hand to her other breast.

You’re safe, Liz.” Leomi whispers between our lips.

I, love you.” I reply in despair.

I…” She chokes. “I’m starting to fall for you, Elizabeth Vil.” She replies.

I close my eyes, tears of sadness and happiness mixing. She pulls away, breaking our kiss to let me evacuate my emotions. She keeps my hands firmly on her round breasts as she sits on my belly, giving me a feeling of safety I haven’t felt in her presence for months. I swallow my madness, unwilling to let it contaminate our night if I can help it.

Thank you.” I mutter. “Go, dress up. I’ll… trust you, to a point.”

Are you sure?” She whispers.

I am.” I utter firmly.

Leomi quickly gets off and rushes to a chest. She opens it and hurriedly pulls a black nightgown that she sets over her shoulders. It espouses her body’s shape almost perfectly. The tissue is so thin that it doesn’t actually hide anything, simply shrouds her attributes behind a forbidden shroud that impossibly makes her even more attractive.

How do you find my thighs now, Liz?” She asks, throwing me a look over her shoulder. “Compared to that Rykz’.”

Second, best.” I mutter, reminded of how Celyz’ tail enhances her graceful gait beyond human capability. I rise on my elbows, forgetting my woes as my two loves fill my mind.

You dare.” Leomi utters, a flash of anger and relief passing through her traits.

She turns her gaze towards the flow candles spread out around the tent, draining the constructs fueling them one at a time until we’re plunged in complete darkness. I tense, not because of the lack of light since that doesn’t really hinder me but because the change is enough to put me on my guard.

Leomi hurriedly walks up to me, pulling my attention to her. I reach up to her thigh but she angles her course so that my fingers can merely graze her nightgown. She walks behind me and sits down behind my back, pressing her breasts against my back as she passes her hands around my waist.

I want to undress you and put that weapon away.” She tells me in a soft voice, following through by pulling my shirt off and removing my bra. “The goal is for you to expose yourself, to be vulnerable and beat your fear. The risk is that you might cling to me if this works, but I doubt it’ll happen.” I nod along, her voice putting me in a trance. “If you think that Rykz has what you need, then go, now.” She adds with pain in her tone.

She, might. You do.” I mutter, finding that she deserves this kind of heartache. “I choose you, for now.”

Okay.” Leomi mutters in a tight voice. “Then, please don’t run away from my touch.”

I feel her hand settle on my stomach’s scars. I startle and almost escape despite her demand. She runs the tips of her slender fingers along the marks that the Tianeel’s teeth left on my body.

You have a warrior’s body.” Leomi whispers in my right ear.

I, do?” I ask.

You’re fierce.” She adds confidently. “Strong.”

I let her voice guide me as she pulls me against her while running her fingers along my scars, following each of them from beginning to end. My deep-rooted fright starts seeping out. She rests her chin on my right shoulder as her other hand trails along my back, finding more injuries, some fresh, some old.

Whatever the Rykz gave you, it’s not playing well with how your psyche is trying to sort out what you had to do.” She continues in her soft guiding voice. “But that’s okay, you have the will to get past it.”

I let her words infiltrate me, focusing on my breathing as she trails her thumb along the underside of my right breast where the teeth marks end. I shiver as I feel my entire being slowly taking refuge in the connection she’s establishing, fully aware that it means she could shatter what I give her if she so desires.

I feel intense excitement at the risk I’m taking, accentuated by the fact that I cannot blindly trust this woman. Leomi blows at the pit between my neck and my right shoulder. She opens her mouth and bites down.

Uhm.” I moan.

I want to cause you harm sometimes.” She mutters, clenching her jaw. I jump in pain. “But to appreciate it, I need to feel empathy, compassion. Which is contradictory, but you can handle it, Elizabeth Vil. You’re perhaps the strongest person I’ve ever met.”

I’ll, fight back.” I growl.

Yes, do. Win over me.” Leomi encourages in a rough voice, opening her teeth. “But, not right now.”

Why, not?” I ask, breath short.

You need to surrender. To learn that loss is not defeat. That you’re safer than you feel you are.” Lance utters, seizing my right breast in her palm. “A lesson, I’ve had to relearn again and again to go through my own issues. Although, you need to know that my throes weren’t as grave as yours and that my current reasoning is tainted by my deep desires towards you, Liz. So, the question is, do you trust me enough to let me try everything I can to help you? Enough to leave yourself in my hands for a time.”

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